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Prenton Park home of TRANMERE ROVERS FC

Ticket Office: 0151 609 0137 | General Info: 0151 608 4194

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A walk round Prenton, starting with the Bromborough Road, then the Cowsheds, then the Main Stand and finally the Kop.

BEST WEB SITE: The Tranmere Tarantula - Excellent


Tranmere are a club who have made more than most of meagre resources. Their home: Prenton Park having been redeveloped on 3 sides at the end of the season before last, and now boasting a more than adequate 17,000 all seater capacity. Unfortunately, they have always had difficult attracting the size of crowd that their home and standard have play have merited. In fact this was the most significant reason that former owner Peter Johnson left the club for the headier heights of neighbours Everton two years ago. The problems in attracting fans is perhaps most clearly illustrated by the layout of Prenton Park itself, where by far the largest stand, the Kop has the away fans located witihn it. The 6,000 seat, square shaped Kop is big enough to have TRANMERE ROVERS neatly spelt out in white amongst the blue seating. It towers above it's neighbour, the Bromborough Road stand, which contains just 15 rows of tidy blue seats. The home fans end, is the Cowshed, although not quite the character of the original Cowshed, this steeply inclined stand does house around two and half thousand fans. The only part of Prenton that remains from before redevelopment is the Main Stand, a large but simple construction complete with a roof in the shape of an upturned shovel. It contains a now seated Paddock area below the main seating which includes the directors and press boxes, for some reason at each end of this stand there are banks of yellow seating, spoiling the otherwise uninterrupted blueness. The final, and most unusual element of Prenton is the Police control box. A two floored, six windowed box peering from atop of 50ft stilts, and lurking uneasily in the corner between the Main stand and the Kop.


Pretty easy, you need to get on the M53, either from the M56 or via the Mersey tunnel. Take junction 4 off the M53, and get on the B5151, look out for cars decked out in footie stuff turning right after about 2 mile, you should be able to park anywhere around there. I would say follow the crowds but that can be a bit optimistic, but at least it's easy to park.


John Aldridge perhaps, seeing this guy in action is a lesson in the art of the striker. The football is usually pretty good, Tranmere deserve much bigger crowds. As for the ground, when the PA guy says something like let's really get behind Rovers we need the three points! That's quite funny. They also played James Brown "I feel good" after every Tranmere goal last time I went, which was quite interesting.


Games against bigger first division sides, like Wolves or Man. City would be good because they fill over half the Kop.


Not sure, but always very reasonable.They did a special this season (96/7) and let everyone in for a fiver to one game which was a good idea.

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