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Old Trafford home of MANCHESTER UNITED FC

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Old Trafford during Euro '96

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It has to be said, Old Trafford IS the best football stadium in England, perhaps only Twickenham is a better stadium in England. In some ways it's a shame that they built the new 27,000 seater North Stand, because it has spoilt the uniformity of roof level that had taken some 40 years to achieve, and only lasted for a couple of seasons. But when you have has many fans as United then capacity is everything, and the stadium boasts a capacity of 55,000, making Old Trafford comfortably the biggest club stadium in England. The North Stand itself has three tiers, with the bottom tier being by far the largest and deepest, as the seats slide away from the pitch to a level similar to that of the roofs of the adjacent stands. Manchester United is depicted in white seats amongst the sea of red. The middle tier is quite substantial, and finally the top tier is comparatively small. In any case both these upper two tiers only offer the kind of "like watching on TV" views that is the problem with such huge stands. Opposite the North Stand is surprise, surprise, the South Stand, this is the oldest part of the ground, but you wouldn't really know it, still quite modern in design and facilities. It houses 40 or so rows of red seats as do the stands which it links with perfectly at either end. To the left is the West Stand (with an Umbro logo written into the seats) this is where the Stretford End once stood, and finally behind the other goal is the East Stand, formally and still the "infamous" K stand. The only difference between these opposite constructions seems to be the clear panels in the roof of the West stand allowing sunlight to filter through to the pitch.

Overall, it's amazing but true, Old Trafford has become virtually a one-stand ground, because almost half the capacity is housed in the North Stand, the dipping roof on the stand dominates not only the stadium but the skyline around Old Trafford and Salford Quays, it has to be seen to be believed. Unfortunately, the dip may make it awkward to link the stand with others, should Man. United choose to extend other parts of the ground. Old Trafford remains the highest example of stadium design in England, but if all other grounds were so simplistic and large as this then football stadia wouldn't be nearly as interesting as they are. Old Trafford is a must-visit ground.


Not too difficult really, especially since the North Stand can be seen so easily. Either from the end of the M602, take the exit off the roundabout to Salford Quays and keep on till you see the North Stand. Or similarly, take the A56 towards Manchester from the M63 or via the M56. Keep on that road until you see, guess what the North Stand!

Car Parking: Obviously not easy when there's 55,000 going to every game. I've managed to park in SalfordQuays quite easily a few times, it's a twenty minute walk and you'll have to follow someone, but it's quite easy to get away too.

If you got the train (Piccadilly or Victoria station) you could always hop on a tram (Metrolink) from the City Centre (also from Altrincham) to the Old Trafford stop, ten minutes walk from ground.


As a Liverpool fan I would say winning there, which hasn't been nearly often enough! But seriously, it's probably just seeing the enorminity of the new North Stand, this is a phenomenal creation, 27,000 capacity for just one stand that runs along one side of the pitch. It has to be seen to be believed.


Liverpool games, and I'm not just saying that. The atmosphere at these games has to be witnessed live.Bear in mind it's really difficult to get tickets for League games these days, you have to be a member to have a chance, best chance is a cup game or a European game, and it's still difficult!


1998/9: Barcelona was 18 quid so I suppose it could be worse.

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