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Maine Road home of MANCHESTER CITY FC

Dial-a-seat: 0161-227-9229

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Not the world's most aesthetically pleasing stadium! Not the best photo either.

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Maine Road, sadly a developer's nightmare, or perhaps four developer's nightmares, four very different stands, but at least interesting! Starting with biggest, the new Kippax. Not bad at all, pretty tall, three tiers, though I think the top one is just a restaurant, and the middle one isn't too big either, ok at least the bottom tier is big, and has Manchester City written on the pale blue seats which looks good. The bottom and middle tiers also have "executive" boxes between them. Not bad, although a bit of a case of the club getting a job lot of patio doors and wondering what to do with them. The boxes are behind these doors and the executive "fans"sit outside with the rest of the Kippax for the game, so you get cold (presumably) but feel the right atmosphere.

Although the new Kippax is free standing with open spaces at either end, the other three sides of Maine Road link up and enclose the ground (in a manner of speaking). There is the Main Stand, with its extravagant white roof, consisting of a line of Spanish villa-style, huge white arches; a truly magnificent creation which cost an astronomical sum of money. There is the North Stand next to it, a simple development with a cantilevered roof. And there is the Platt Lane stand. Built in the early 1990's, it has to be one of the worst recent developments, with two rows of executive boxes (seats on the outside) above a smallish bank of light blue seats. These three stands with their completely different roofstyles and heights have been forced together, with the white arches of the Main Stand as the centrepiece they look awful. Overall Maine Road has a decent capacity, but it's a case of one nice roof, shame about the rest.

The days of Man. City at Maine Road are numbered, as they are supposed to be moving to Eastlands - the new Manchester Commonweath Games 2002 Stadium after the games.


Easy! From the South get on the M6, then M56, this becomes the A5103 Princess Parkway. Look out for a big park on the left, and at the next set of traffic lights turn into Claremont Road and you're almost there. Should be obvious. Similarly from the North get into Manchester then head South off the A57M on the A5103. There are signposts about to, which is a nice rarity.

Car Parking: quite easy in the surrounding streets.


Not that sure, I've been to ones in Rusholme, which is the other side of the ground from Princess Parkway. No problems really.


Er... er.... no obviously it's the fans. Dedicated and loyal, what else can they do but support their team through thin and thinner. Fantastic away support and maybe more songs than any other team. Oh and Kinkladze.


Grimsby, Southend, Barnsley take your pick. Oldham is a derby of sorts. Hopefully they'll be back in the Premiership.


12 quid for the Kippax which isn't too bad.

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