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Highbury home of ARSENAL FC

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View of North Bank: Arsenal vs. Liverpool April 1995


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Another great ground, full of character, sadly left unused during Euro '96, but still used for the odd FACup semi, definitely a priority 'must visit' ground.

To picture it, starting with the stand that is pictured above, the new North Bank, this is an overwhelmingly unreal creation. It's just too perfect, the two huge tiers, tidily filled with almost motionless faces. In fact they erected a painting of a crowd behind that goal while they were constructing it, and it almost looks as if it's still a painting and not the real thing.

To either side are the virtually identical, East and West stands. These must be the two most elegant grandstands in the country. Each is two tiers plus a paddock of sheer class. Admittedly, there is the odd view-obstructing post here and there to support the roof, but they were built over sixty years ago after all. Yet, they still look perfectly new, with their posts and lines painted in gloss red, and the rest of the fascia, cleanly painted in cream(not white). They are barely spoiled by the diagonally, symmetric placing of the small electronic scoreboards and the Pepsi and JVC advertising that are situated between the tiers of each. It's a pity some of the creations that have been sprouting at stadiums in recent years don't look as delightful as these.

The away fans are located in half of the Clock end, the other half being home of course. It's called the Clock end because of it has a big, white, faced clock in the centre of the roof.A roof which, should it rain, will be completely useless for most of those below, as it extends only enough to provide cover for the two rows of executive boxes. These are a batch of ugly boxes whose seats are situated outside the enclosure.

Finally, I must mention the two Jumbotron TVscreens, two big TV's situated in diagonally opposite corners, very useful you would think, except they seem to take a lot of the pre-match atmosphere away as the fans just watch them before the game. They do show action replays but not of any contentious issues.


I've had nightmares trying to get to this ground, so if you can stick to the tube, because there's a tube station called Arsenal (Piccadilly Line), which unsurprisingly is right next to the ground.

If you have to go by car, then from the M1 leave at junction 2 and follow signs for City heading for Holloway Road Station on your map, after the station take the third right into Drayton Park Road and you should be very near but you won't be able to park very easily. If you live around London then head for Holloway Road and the station and do the same.


Has to be either the site of the North Bank and the East and West stands when full, or at a less aesthetic level, the quality of the toilets, certainly the best I've ever visited at a football ground.


London derbies, especially the Spurs one, but also the Chelsea or West Ham derby games. No European nights at Highbury this season as they are playing all those at Wembley.


1996/7: Not cheap, 13 pounds at the bottom end which is reasonable, but up to 27 pounds.

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