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Highfield Road home of COVENTRY CITY FC

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Highfield Road (honest!)

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It is still interesting (ok slightly interesting) to note that Highfield Road was England's first all seater stadium when it was made so back in 1981. Fan power told back then and it only remained so for a couple of years, but of course it is all sky blue seated again now. There are a few posts here and there but overall it is a bright, friendly looking stadium that holds around 22,000.

Along one touchline is the Main Stand, which is one of those typical English Main Stands that happens to be the smallest stand in the ground, it's was full of character though, as it used to have a crazy sine wave of a roof, above less than twenty rows of seats. Sadly that roof has gone now and much more functional one has appeared in it's place, when I last went there were also a series of what looked like garden sheds at the bottom but I think these have now been taken out and replaced by seats too. Behind one goal there is a large, newish stand with executive boxes at the back, presumably these replaced the garden sheds. This stand curves round and joins up with the other touchline stand making half the ground, a neat, single enclosure. The stadium is completed with a standard double decker construction behind the other goal.


From the M6, leave at junction 2 and get on the A4600 heading for the city centre. Keep on going on this road for about 3 miles and you are there, the ground is on the right just after you go under a railway bridge. Car Parking isn't to difficult.




I would imagine a lot of fans in the Premier would say the day Coventry get relegated, but since this hasn't happened in almost 30 years (and they've escaped relegation by one place 6 times in that time) it's just not going to happen! So probably stick to Liverpool and Man. United, as the Villa derby isn't that well supported.


About 20-25 quid I think

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