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Blundell Park home of GRIMSBY TOWN FC

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So this is it, the place that all those teams that get relegated from the Premier League will find themselves "visiting the likes of". Well, let's be honest - it's not much of a ground, and it certainly hasn't benefited from having to go all-seater, but it's home for Grimsby fans so I'm sure it's loved by them. Don't know the exact capacity but it can't be much more than around 8,000 which is a pity. They do have one big stand, the John Smith's Bitter stand, it only covers about 2/3rds of the pitch but it's a big, upper tier and paddock with some glass windowed exec boxes in between thing. Ilike the red rails that run along the front of the top tier, very solid and side of boat-like. Simon Inglis' says in his book you get a great view of Grimsby from the back of this stand, so maybe that's an option if the football isn't impressing you. Opposite is the "Main Stand" - you have to laugh at that name, just a shed really with 15 or so rows of seats, quite amazing that the players and officials emerge from this construction. Behind one goal is the home end, the Pontoon stand, again pretty small, maybe 20 rows of nicely decked out black and white striped seating. At the other end, the away (Osmond stand), all red seats in this that goes right up to the corner to meet the Main Stand, to sweep round Old Trafford style, OKmaybe not quite. If you look closely it actually says GTFC in white on the red seats.


Dead easy, if only all grounds were as easy to find as Grimsby's. Get on the M180, then this becomes the A180, keep on going straight on. Find yourself in Grimsby and make all the jokes about fish you can think of, see the trawlers in the dock, keep going straight on, over a big fly-over across the docks, straight on at the lights all the time and about 1 mile from there you'll see that hideous 'M' of a McDonalds drive thru and your there. The ground is on your left.

Parking: No trouble, just park in any of the side streets.


Grimsby is keen on fish alright, visit a chip shop and get fish and chips for a quid!


Keep your ears pealed for the "We only sing when we're fishing" chant, it's great.


Who knows? It's not much fun in Division Two, and Hull are in Division 3.


1996/7:No standing, only seats: 10 pounds or 12 pounds

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