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Griffin Park home of BRENTFORD FC

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OK so its not the best looking ground in the world, but its alright.

Two sites to choose from, someone's personal Bees site: Brentford FC, and
a fanzine site the
Besotted fanzine.

Griffin Park doesn't look much from the outside, and to be honest it doesn't look that much from the inside, but its a decent enough ground. The two sides are all seated and covered. On one side is the Main Stand, with red and white seats, its quite amusing the ends of this stand because each just creeps round the corner about 5 yards, as if in readiness for taking the stand all the way round like Old Trafford! Well if you dont dream I suppose. Opposite is another all seater stand, again red seats, but more vivid is the bright blue roof, with a huge advert for Ericsson phones on it. No doubt something to do with the fact that the ground is on the Heathrow flightpath.
At one end of the ground is a two-tier stand, the Brook Road Stand admittedly the top tier has only a few rows of seats, but they still manage to spell out BRENTFORD FC on them. The bottom section is terracing. At the opposite is just your plain old open terrace, the Ealing Road Terrace, much maligned, but great fun for the away fan. At least it was, until Brentford decided to swap the home and away ends, and give the former home end, the Brook Road to the away fans, and stick the home fans in the Ealing Road. Is that tight or what? Imagine if Liverpool FC put away fans in the Kop! Understandably, the fans were up in arms about this (and other things which they all managed to stick on David Webb), so the natives are restless at Griffin Park) and rightly so!.

By car it was a nightmare for me, considering how easy it is supposed to be, it took us ages to find it! It is however right in Brentford so it must be my incompetence. I'm not going to go into, I'd prefer to forget it, get the London A-Z out!
By rail, Brentford Central, and by tube, South Ealing, but it must be a fair old walk.

There is a pub at each of the 4 corners of the ground, now lets face it, there aren't many grounds that can say that! Only problem is the "home fans only" signs, come on, where's the friendly Brentford London welcome?

They seem to think it's the Fulham game, but don't ask me why!

1997/8: 10 quid to sit down, 8 quid to stand.

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