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Filbert Street home of LEICESTER CITY FC

Ticket Office: 01533 915232 | General Info: 01533 555000

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The South Stand, the Carling Stand and the East Stand entrance!

Best Web Site: Leicester City online Poor as not really up to date but looks good


The first thing you are bound to see when you visit Filbert Street is the huge Carling Stand, a magnificent development, but something that sadly emphasises the one-stand nature of this ground. Opposite is the East stand (which accomodates away fans) which is old as the Carling Stand is new, this is circa 1030. The stand backs on to a row of terraced houses, to such an extent that their back gardens (if they had any) would be the pitch. The main entrance to the East Stand is through a set of turnstiles literally built into the terrace. The Carling Stand itself dominates by being almost twice the size of any of the other stands, it is a modern two tiered stand with a large upper section, a line of executive boxes and a paddock style smaller lower tier below. The South Stand to its right, is also two tiered, but conventionally so, and it is here that the hardcore Leicester fans usually congregate in the lower tier right next to the away fans. Finally, behind the other goal is the North Stand, another shoddy looking effort, with a row of 'executive' or more 'middle management' boxes at the back. Last time Iwent there was an advert for 'Panic Link' there to, which judging by Leicester performances at the time was rather suitable.


I'm not sure about this, so check the map, but I think the way I've been has meant I've ended up on the M69 and headed for Leicester, and from there you get on the M1, and exit at Junction 21 and head for the City Centre on the A46.Something like that anyway!

Parking is pretty easy in the side streets near the ground.


Er.... the East Stand, because you enter the ground virtually through someones front door.


The Play-offs since they are in them most years, but while they are in the Premiership they have kind of derbies against Derby and Forest


1996/7: Between 12 pounds and 20 pounds depending on where you sit


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