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Ewood Park home of BLACKBURN ROVERS FC

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Ewood Park

Best Web Site: Blackburn Rovers Supporters Club Internet Site Good under dev. so might be excellent soon



The new Ewood Park, and new is the word (pity Ihaven't got a photo of the shed it was before redevelopment to put on the page). Instead of that falling to pieces shed that it was, an almost completely new stadium has been built with all that money from JackWalker. Three sides of the ground have been built from scratch in the last few years. Each of these three sides now having a towering, two tiered all blue seater stand. The capacity is now being about 30,000 all-seater. The fourth side of the ground along one touchline is a real let-down even having that bane of the seated football fan - view obstructing posts. It's only half the height of the other stands as well, and the fact that it's the stand you can see from the TV camera makes it even worse. Despite this of course Ewood is an excellent stadium now, and worthy of the Premierhip.


I always come from the South, and until the M65 is finished then most fans will probably come this way. If you get on the M62 from somewhere, you can then get on the A666 Northbound towards Bolton, go through Bolton and keep on going signposted for Blackburn and Darwen. It gets bleak up here in winter but on you go, then down through Darwen and the final push for Blackburn. It's a good route this because it takes you straight to the ground before you reach the town.

Alternatively, you can get on the M6 and take it to junction 31, and then take the A677 to Blackburn, look out for the A666 (Bolton Road) and then take this - you will approach the ground from the North.

Car Parking (from the South): If you take an immediate right after you go under the M65, and follow the road round, you can usually park on the big hill there. The ground is about 10 minutes walk. Parking is a bit of a problem because Blackburn isn't really used to or prepared for it.


A huge away end, most teams get around 4000 tickets so the away fans can create a great atmosphere, there's also nifty colour scoreboard, if you're winning it's great to look at!


Man. United, bitterness still exists between these clubs over the Premier League title win for Rovers and the fact that they dared to sell Shearer to someone apart from United (how dare they!). Liverpool to, but probably not so important now Dalglish has left. The real game would be Burnley but they're two division apart at the moment.


1996/7: 15 to 19 Pounds

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