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Elland Road home of LEEDS UNITED FC

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Elland Road view from East Stand during Euro '96

Best Web Site: Leeds United (it's not up to date though)


I have to start with the East Stand, it is gigantic. You can see it from about 3 miles away as you approach from the M621. It's got two tiers, but beware the top tier is very, very high, so it might be advisable to take an oxygen tank if you're planning on sitting in the rarified air at the top of it. The back of the lower tier is the face of modern football, lots of TVs to watch highlights on, there's a cafe like you'd find in a shopping centre, various eating establishments (all ultra fast food of course)and there's even a service till so you can keep on spending!

The other three stands are somewhat backward by comparison but still pretty reasonable. They all link up at the corners like a three quarter size Old Trafford (before their new stand spoilt it), but it all seems rather uneven, almost two tiers at one end, a paddock with filled in with seats along one side and a single tier in the old Kop, now Don Revie stand at the other end.


Basically from wherever you are you need to head for the M621 (which is junction 27 off the M62), you can see the huge East Stand from the M621. Turn right at the roundabout at junction 2 (the A643) and you're virtually there. Can be difficult to park within a mile of the ground (unless you pay) as the roads are guarded by traffic wardens.


Depending on your perspective, either seeing the East stand from miles away, quite awesome, or for the neutral listening to the Leeds fans grumble. Obviously that's a wild generalisation, but in my experience when Leeds fans aren't happy with the team/a player/the management/the board or whatever they make sure they vent their feelings!


I'm sure it's got to be Manchester United, they really do hate each other, and especially Leeds hate Eric Cantona (but now he;s gone of course). Anyway after last season any game with a goal would be a novelty.


Steep! 14 Pounds up to... 26!.

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