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Edgeley Park home of STOCKPORT COUNTY FC

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OK not the greatest of the world's football stadiums, and perhaps not a club with the greatest of traditions of success, but not only have Stockport the team's fortunes improved recently - so has the ground. Not a lot on both counts though! Edgeley Park is now one of the clearest examples of a one stand ground you could find. Behind one goal is the enormous (especially be comparison) Cheadle End, a double decker stand, with a huge goalpost style roof above the blue seats, it must account for half the total capacity. Along the touchlines are the old "Main Stand", a bit of a shed with seats in it really, but before the Cheadle End lurched into life it was the only seated area. Opposite that is the Barlow Stand, another shed, which was the covered area of standing, but now has about 20 rows of bright plastic blue seats stuck onto the terracing. Finally, we come to the magnificence of the Railway End, a narrow strip of completely uncovered terracing. It's the away end of course.

Of course say what you like about it, but a full Edgeley Park under the bright floodligths still bristles with atmosphere and intimidation, just ask Everton and West Ham.


Get on the M63 and take junction 11, and from there get on the A560. After about half a mile as you go up a steep hill you should turn right and it's pretty easy to park.


The best thing has to be the view from the back of the Cheadle End, you can see right across Stockport, which may or may not be better than the game you are watching.


Cup gamesare getting pretty exciting at Edgeley, and Stockport are often in the play-offs. And next season there's always the big derby against Manchester City.


1996/7: Cheap - 8 quid.Watch out though the food and snacks are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive: 55p for a Twix!A quif for about 25 cold, soggy, thin chips.

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