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The Dell home of SOUTHAMPTON FC

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Is this really the best photo I have of the Dell?Yes it is!

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A galance around the Dell reveals a neat but rather small stadium on three sides.Two matching two-tier stands full of character amd view obstructing posts lie charmingly opposite each other, between them at one end a narrow strip of seats cleanly fills the gap. However, there is something very big and strange lurking menacingly behind the other goal. It must be the most ludicrous stand in the Premier League.From one end at the corner flag where the seats lie just ten deep, it seems to lurchback to produce thirty plus rows of seats by the other corner flag, and to finish it off a crazy triangle shaped roof has been plonked on top of it about fifty metres (exaggeration) above the seats. It also has a futuristic quality, because under the bright floodlights it shines silver like the side of a metallic alien spacecraft. It's unlikely Lord Justice Taylor had this kind of monstrosity in mind when he thought all-seater stadia would be a good idea, but at least it's interesting and no doubt you get an excellent if terrifying view from it!


Blimey, get on the M3, it splits, as it reaches Southampton into the M27 East and M27 West. Both carriageways lead to the A33. Follow the A33 to the first large roundabout after the Hilton hotel. go straight on to the next roundabout. Take the 2nd exit along Winchester Road. Take the 1st exit at the next roundabout and then straight over the following mini roundabout, down Hill lane. Go through one set of lights. The next set of lights are by the ground, on the Archers Road, Howard Road and Hill Lane Junction.

Car Parking: Not difficult, though not too easy. Helps if you don't arrive late like I did!

Train: Southampton Central Station can be reached from London Waterloo, Reading, Basingstoke, Bournemouth and local stations. The Dell is a 10 minute walk from Central station.


Saints fans create an excellent atmosphere inside, the stands are very close to the pitch, Ithink they'll be sorry to leave when they get their new stadium, but it's just too small.


If the last couple of seasons are anything to go by Man. United 3-0 and 6-3 wins were some special in Saints history. Apart from that the derby would be against Portsmouth, but Portsmouth are in Division 1.


1996/7: 15 to 18 Pounds

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