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Burnden Park home of BOLTON WANDERERS FC

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Look at The Reebok Stadium instead



There's not much you would want to say about Burnden Park, it was really a bit of a shed, and I was never able to take it seriously after they split the terrace at the Railway End and sold over half the land to a Normid superstore. There was still Burnden terrace along one touchline and that was really dire, but when full of Bolton fans it was a great advert for the atmosphere of terrace football. The other two stands were all seated, and to be honest let's forget it now... OK they were here for a long time, seen the ups and downs, but it was time to move on.


It was so easy, M62, then get on the A666 to Bolton follow that and eventually you saw Burnden on your left, take the next exit of the A road, and use your nouse to drive round towards the ground and look for a space.Quite easy to park really. Fortunately, it's even easier to get to the new ground.


When they were in the Premier League there was actually an away fan ban in pubs within a mile of the ground - so you would have to find a pub as near to 1 mile away which is quite easy as Bolton is not short of a pub or two (hundred).


The tiny stand in front of the Superstore had to be seen to be believed.


Cup games against big clubs, Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton and Chelsea amongst others have all struggled, well struggled is a nice way of putting stuffed is a better one ie knocked out, although not all at Burnden Park.

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