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Anfield home of LIVERPOOL FC

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Anfield from the Kop during Euro '96

Best Web Site: The Mighty Reds - Alex Brown's fantastic virtually up to the second Liverpool web page.

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What can I say about this ground? It being my home ground, the stadium in which I've jumped up and down, jumped on the seats, on top of the bloke in front of me, gone totally mental more times than is believable, actually it's also the ground I've hung my head in despair on the odd occasion too. Whatever, it's fantastic.

The new Kop is huuuuuge, 12,000 mad scousers making more noise than you can imagine when they're up for it. The Centenary Stand, OKthere are some boring fans here sometimes, but they don't half give the linesman/the opposition left or right back some stick when required, don't sit at the back of the upper tier though because it's miles away. The Main Stand opposite, pretty good, except the people in here are comatose half the time, except for the day trippers who populate the paddock they go for it. And the Anfield Road, well that's not bad now they redeveloped it into two tiers, not as in the photo above. It's basically as it is above with a very small second tier above it, only 10 or so rows of seats. There was a big hoo-har with residents behind, and this was a compromise. The lower tier has the Reebok logo outlined in white on the red seats. The away fans still sit here, next to the family section, so if there's a lot of away fans there's a lot of noise, the embarrassment of all those (Port Vale, Crewe Alex, Stoke City, Bristol Rovers (and they won as well!)....) lower division sides coming up in the cup and outsinging us. if there isn't it's just high pitch kids voices screaming at Michael Owen.


Easy really, assuming you are coming from outside Liverpool, get on the M62, then the M57, storm up there and take the junction for the A580. Make sure you go left off the slip road and step on it. They'll be plenty of Liverpool fans around by the time you get anywhere near so follow them! Don't bother trying for the car park, it's always full, when you see Goodison Park on the right, look for a space, and park where you can - make sure it's legal though.


Yeah well go in any you like, but not too near the ground 'cos it'll take you a month to get server. I haven't seen any trouble in recent years except when Birmingham City came, but some of them are mental anyway. I'm sure you can wear your colours unless you from too far South!

For more info check out the Mighty Reds (Steve Downings) Web Page Pub guide.


The best thing about Anfield is the sight of the Kop on a flag day or a European night when it's full of waving flags and banners, and if the team is playing well intense passion. There used to be fantastic red flares too that billowed smoke across the Kop and the pitch, but the FAand the Police decided that was enjoying ourselves too much so they're banned now, and now it's seated they can catch the offenders easily now - don't be fooled into thinking that seating stadia was about safety, properly stewarded and policed standing is perfectly safe (as long as South Yorkshire Police aren't involved) it was about control, attracting a different class of fan and higher ticket prices.


OK you're a casual fan, your kids are mad Liverpool fans or whatever and you want to go to a game, what do you do?

If you can only go at weekends then it's gonna be difficult, you have to apply 26 days in advance! Again see th Mighty RedsWeb page for more info:

Otherwise, if you can go midweek, look for a European game or a cup game that isn't sold out, anything can happen in the cup and all that, phone up the credit card hotline a week in advance if you want to be sure.

Away games:virtually impossible UNLESS: it's Wimbledon, you can usually get in on the day at Selhurst, or it's towards the end of the season and we can't win the league. In anycase for all the good games unless you have a season ticket you can forget it. Though if the FA continue to charge ridiculous prices for FA Semis (like 30 quid) then you could get a ticket for that.


Expensive!! 18 (Kop) or 20 (everywhere else) quid, Adult and Child 25.50 I think. Some Worthington and Euro games are cheaper though.

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