KAM African Philosophy and Spirituality

African Spirituality
& Philosophy

Philosophy is defined as the study of thought or the manner in which one defines existence and knowledge. As is often the case with other African cultural concepts, African philosophy is often overlooked. One reason for this is that in African society, much of one's philosophical beliefs are also part of one's spiritual belief. Therefore to gain a full understanding of how Africans perceived the universe and their place within it, one must look to the spiritual beliefs of the continent. The topics below will explore some of these ideologies Africans have held. Also discussed will be African influence, either directly or indirectly, upon Western spiritual concepts. A brief glimpse into Africoid populations' involvement in Eastern spiritual concepts will also be covered.

A Brief Glimpse of African Creation Narratives

Egypt, Nubia and the Rest of the Nile

The Yoruba Spiritual System

Africoid Involvement in Eastern Spirituality

African Influence on Western Religious Thought

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