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Welcome to the Funhouse
And you thought it wouldn't last....

Honestly, I never thought it would last either. I only put this page up as a joke. It was a way for me to save the pictures of the cartoons I liked watching. Then I decided to put up a little humerous banter just to pass the time. At that point, something clicked. The next thing you know, I was writing out my sickest obsession for the whole world to see. My theory was, "No one's really gonna see it anyway. What the fuck."

A million hits and a Geocities T-Shirt later, I'm getting emails from people all across the world. Some guy in Austrailia wanted to do an interview with me on his radio show. Color me tripped out. I can't believe the success this page has had. Do I think it was a one hit wonder? Oh yeah. I know it for a fact. Half of those people who came to this page stopped here once, read the thing and then filed it away in the deep depths of their minds. I'm forever a funny link to share with the guys at work. I'm water cooler humor.

Don't think of this as me bitching though. I'm glad to be anything that people want to talk about.

So, if I expect people to give me their time to come here and view this page, I have to update it. And not just my usual "annual update," but a consistant update. Every few days. I mean, how hard is it for me to sit down and think about jerking off? Trust me, it ain't hard at all.

Well, alright then. Jump around. Read the page. Go to town. Have fun. Stay funky.

About The Site...
Ever since I was a little child, I understood the beauty of the female anatomy. Nothing turned me on more than to sit there in front of the television and watch Josie and the Pussycats or the more real life imitation that followed, Jem. My friends all thought I was queer because I watched all of the girl cartoons. It's funny, because I thought they were all queer. I still do, because they were all missing out on the only time they would not be looked down upon for getting off on cartoons, during their childhood.

I realize that a grown man like myself should be way past his fetish for animated beauty, but I swear, the older I get, the more beautiful the cartoons get. It's disgusting. I can't wait 'til I have kids so that I can have an excuse for watching cartoons. As it is now, I am a 23 year old "boy" who watches Batman and the Pokemon 'cause they draw better looking chicks in those cartoons than they do in others. And don't even get me started on the Sailor Scouts!! Christ almighty, I would love to dive into their little outfits!!

This obsession is bad, I know this. But that doesn't stop me from picking up some new comics to see if there has been any new female characters introduced. I'm getting pathetic.

So, to ease my perversion, I have decided to build this website, dedicated to every cartoon character that has ever given me a boner. There's a variety of images (all clean...fake pornographic cartoon images just don't do it for me the way that the original art work does). Each has an explanation on why it is featured at this site (i.e. - Why I get turned on by the toon). Before you leave, if you could be a lamb, and fill out my survey, it would be much apprieciated. Thank you. Now, on with the show. Go below and select a category from the list and enjoy learning about the Cartoon Girls That I Wanna Nail!!

Pick a Chick

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