Leon Trotsky on China


May 18, 1927

1. My request of May 11 of this year that the Secretariat of the Central Committee indicate where and when I would be able to familiarize myself with the Politburo's decision on the Chinese question after what has transpired over the past two months has remained unanswered.

2. My request of May 11 of this year that Comrade Bukharin's draft theses on the Chinese question be made known in time for the amendments to be introduced has remained unanswered.

3. In view of the fact that Comrade Bukharin's theses basically repeat all the mistakes of Comrade Stalin's theses, I am forwarding to the Executive Committee of the Comintern my theses on the basic questions of the Chinese revolution in connection with criticism of Comrade Stalin's theses.

Published for the first time in any language. by permission if Harvard College Library. Translated for this volume by Carol Lisker.


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