Mass (kg) 8.68 x 10^25
Diameter (km) 51,118
Mean density (kg/m^3) 1,290
Escape Velocity (m/sec) 21,300
Average Distance from Sun (AU) 19.18
Rotation Period (length of day in Earth hours) 17.9
Revolution Period (length of year in Earth years) 84
Obliquity (tilt of axis) 97.9�
Orbit Inclination 0.77�
Orbit Eccentricity (deviation from circular) 0.047
Mean Temperature 59�K
Visual Geometric Albedo (Reflectivity) 0.56
Atmospheric Components 83% hydrogen, 15% helium, 2% methane (at depth)
Rings Uranus has a system of narrow, faint rings. Ring particles are dark, and could consist of rocky or carbonaceous material.

Uranus' Largest Moons

Name Diameter(miles) Average Distance from Planet(miles)
Miranda 290 80,463
Ariel 720 118,568
Umbriel 725 164,900
Titania 980 270,220
Oberon 942 361,212

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