Bruja canyon
This canyon has been thought haunted for hundreds of years. Bruja is
Spanish for "witch," and the area can certainly be considered be
witched. Photographs taken here often cannot be developed, and
unexplained flickering lights are observed. In 1978, two hikers
encountered the silent apparition of a Mexican man wearing a serape
and sombrero. Both witnesses sensed a "dangerous but non-malevolent
power coming from the man."
   The park is in Brewster County in the southwestern tip of Texas.
Follow U.S. Highway 385 south ninety-eight miles from I-10 at
Fort Stockton. Bruia Canyon cuts through Mesa de Anguilla, about a
day's hike west ofTerlingua Abaja. Big Bend National Park, TX 79834.
Phone: 915-477-2251
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