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Neo-Dalmatian is a reconstruction of the now-extinct Dalmatian, or Vegliot, language. I have collected as many words as I could find that were recorded in Vegliot, and established the patterns of their development from Vulgar Latin, and following these patterns I have reconstructed the Vocabulary.

The Grammar and Syntax was more problematic. I was unable to find anything of use in regards to the grammatical structure of the Vegliot language. Thus I was forced to "create" a grammar. The Neo-Dalmatian grammar is loosely based on Romanian, French and Italian.

Presently there are three speakers of Neo-Dalmatian, one of us being more fluent than the other two. Regardless I would not say it is endangered, for more people are learning it even now (well, okay, my sister and my girlfriend, but hey, that IS an increase!).

I have tried to be as accurate as possible in the reconstruction of the vocabulary, and I feel that I have done a (barely) passable job. As for the grammar, it probably has very little to do with the grammar of Vegliot.

I gladly welcome any suggestions or objections. I know I've made mistakes that will probably hurt the eyes and brains of Romanticists, but 90% of the languages I have studied, examined or speak are Uralic (I'm surprised I didn't "invent" a new Uralic language!), so if you come across anything you feel I should change, please tell me :)

Chrestomathia Nova Dalmatica - Neo-Dalmatian Chrestomathy

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