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We want to thank everyone who requested further information on the case below. The demand has been great. So, we have not been able to respond as quickly as we would have liked. After all, we do not have the resources of the New Apostolic Church Cape Administration!

We also want to express our thanks to those who have volunteered further information. As a matter of principle we check allegations before we publish them. We protect our sources if they want to remain anonymous. If you cannot reveal your identity however please, substantiate your claims in a way which allows us to conduct further investigations.

The Unfaithful Apostle -- An Update

1. What is it about high-ranking office-bearers of the New Apostolic Church Cape and their propensity for committing adultery?

2. Why does District Apostle Barnes continue to protect his friends when their corrupt practices are exposed? 

We cannot answer the first question but we have some clues to the answer of the second one. Read on!

The saga thus far

On Wednesday, 24 April 2002, Apostle JL Kriel conducted a service in Claremont congregation. On Thursday, 25 April he checked into room 305 of the Protea Hotel Pier Place with the wife of a District Elder of the NAC Cape.

When his office was called at 09h00 and again at 11h00 on Friday, 26 April, there was no reply. When his house was called at 11h05, his daughter stated that he was at the office, and that her mother had gone shopping with her grandmother. When the hotel room was called a few minutes later, he answered the phone. He booked out of the hotel with the sister at about 13h00.

This matter was brought to the attention of District Apostle Barnes several months ago but he refused to take action. Recently, Bishop Bucchianeri, Administration Manager of the NAC Cape requested a meeting with us to discuss the case. The request for a meeting was refused but he was offered an opportunity to receive further information, in order to investigate the matter internally.

Apostle Kriel still conducts services, seals members, ordains brothers, and marries couples! We now have no option other than to release the information publicly. We will do this in stages until appropriate action is taken against Apostle Kriel. 

The saga continues

On 5 August 2002, Bishop Bucchianeri wrote to us. Read his unedited letter.

In his letter, the Bishop reveals the  name of the person with whom the Apostle Kriel shared the room! We had at no point mentioned any name to him or to the general public. How did he then guess (?) that the person is Sister Alfred, the wife of District Elder Alfred? Could it be that he had already had the information which we were going to present? And if so, how did he come to this information?

We have provided Bishop Bucchianeri with enough evidence to launch an investigation. District Apostle Barnes was already presented with this evidence by an Apostle. The question is whether either of them will do anything about it.

The bill for Apostle Kriel's stay is available from the Protea Hotel Pier Place. You can verify this information by calling the hotel on 021 421 7580 and requesting a copy or just to confirm that Apostle Kriel was checked into the hotel for the dates with another woman. For your convenience you can have a look at it by clicking here. We have also reproduced it on this page. It is clear from the bill that two people were checked into the room. It is clear from witnesses that Sister Kriel was not the second person in the room. The hotel is a very short distance from Apostle Kriel's house. Why was he checked into the hotel? Does he prefer hotel rooms to his own bedroom?

What does Sister Kriel and District Elder Alfred have to say about the whereabouts of their spouses during the period in question?

Calls were made from the room. They were to the following number: 
021 421 2430, 021 531 7361, and 021 700 2202.
Two of the numbers called are those for Sister Alfred's home and office. What are we to make of that?

We also have further evidence which we cannot reveal at this stage since that would compromise our sources.

But why is it that District Apostle Barnes is so reluctant to act against Apostle Kriel? If you have been following this Web site you will know that they are friends. But is that the only reason? 

Did you know that District Apostle Barnes is dating his former secretary? Did you now that this romance started while his wife was still alive? It seems to us that the District Apostle cannot take action against his friend since if he does, Apostle Kriel might very well start talking about where he learnt his tricks!

Email us if you want to receive further information directly, or contact District Apostle Barnes. He knows all about this!

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