Gursikhs at Akal Security

Akal Security is an excellent example of Sikhs in Professional fields.  Akal Security is a Sikh owned private security company in USA. Akal Security was started in January 1980 by the pioneering efforts of Daya Singh and Gurtej Singh.

There are 12 judicial circuits in the USA.  Akal Security provides security to 8 of these 12 circuits.   Akalís court security officers protect the judiciary. Akal has 2500 employees in more than 30 states.  Akal provides employment to many non-sikh US citizens.

The following 3 Akal administrators are keertanees as well!

Sat Nirmal Kaur Khalsa Ė CEO Akal Security

Dev Saroop Kaur Khalsa, (MBA), Akalís Contract Administrator for US Marshal Services.


Shanti Kaur Khalsa Ė Director of Operations, Federal Contract Administrator

Shanti Kaur has 3 years military/ police experience. She is an expert combat shooter and has 7 years experience in Thai Kick Boxing. Shanti Kaur Khalsa is a wife and mother. Her role as an Akal Security professional is a non-role for women, and particularly for a woman in a dastaar and Khalsa Bana.  As such, she has been successful in bringing the Khalsa values to the private security environment throughout her 20 year career.

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