Montauk Gallery III
Photographs by Sean Rubinstein

   One of the rooms (psychedelic room) in the Acid house. Pic1

Another room (leopard print room) in the Acid house. Pic2

  Picture taken from another room (paisley room) of the acid house, looking out the window at what seems to some kind of pipe line. This pipe runs around the base and connects to all the buildings. Pic3

Main room of the computer control center. Pic4

  This door leads to the lower level of the bunker. Pic5

Back room of the Bunker. Pic6

Picture of inside the "Pink Building". Pic7

It appearls that this whole structure raised to the roof of this building. Pic8

Doors to the main hallway of the bunker. Pic9

One of the rooms inside of the Bunker. Pic10


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