The Underworlds



Ancient Underground:

    122K Caverns, Dungeons and Labyrinths
    175K Underground Empire
    017K Underground Bases Of The Star Gods & The Controversial Shaver Mystery
    014K Secrets of the Subterranean Cities
    005K Ancient Civilization Beneath Death Valley?
    012K Ground-Penetrating Radar Showing Ancient Civilizations

Modern Terrestrial Underground:

    138K Battles Beneath the Earth
    007K Searching for the Truth: Underground Bases

Extraterrestrial Underground:

    077K Invasion of the Mind Wreckers
    083K Casualties of a Cosmic War
    010K Underground Cities of Mars
    140K Project Redbook

Inner Earth:

    010K An Introduction to The Hollow Earth
    104K Our Earth IS Hollow! -- The Scientific Evidence
    014K The Cook Society & Hollow Planets
    010K A Prophecy from the Inner Earth?


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