Unreleased Jaguar Games

Here's yet another list of the many unreleased Jaguar games. There's a lot of them. I wonder how Atari let so many go? For pictures of many games, go to Jagu-Dome.

Unreleased Cartridge games
Allegiance by Team 17(strategy)
Al Micheals Announces Hardball by Accolade/Atari(sports)
Apesh*t by Atari(action?)
Arena Football League by V-Reel Productions(sports)
Arlo Armadillo by Atari(was going to be Jag's mascot)
Assualt: Covert ops by Midnight Software(action)
Batman Forever by Atari(action)
BattleSphere by 4Play Productions(coming soon)(space combat)
BattleWheels 2025 by Beyond Games(would've rocked!)(car combat)
Bios Fear by ASG Tech.(space combat)
Bomberman by HudsonSoft
Bong +1999 by Just Claws(coming soon?)(action)
Brett Hull Hockey by Ringler(sports)
Casino Royale by Telegames(strategy)
Center Court Tennis by Zepplin(sports)
Charles Barkley Basketball by Ringler(sports)
'Dactly Joust by High Voltage(update?)
DeathWatch by Data Design(action)
Demolition Man by Virgin(Action/Shooting)
Dino Dudes 2 by Imagitec(Puzzle/Strategy)
Dune Racer by Atari(Action/Driving)
Dungeon Depths by Midnite Software(Adventure)
Droppings by Delta Music(not sure)
European Soccer Challengeby Telegames(sports)
Frank Thomas "Big Hurt" Baseball by Atari and Acclaim (sports)
Galactic Gladiators by Photosurrealism(action/strategy)
Gorf 2000 by Krunch Corp(arcade)
Gotcha! by ?(that's convienent ,eh?)
Graham Gooch's World Class Cricket by Telegames(sports)
Gunship 2000 by Micropose(?)
Hosenose and Booger by ASG Tech.(strategy/comedy)
Hyper Force by Visual Impact (action/fighting)
Indiana Jags by Virtual Experience(action/platform)
Iratan Supremecy by Level Seven(used Voice Modem)(action/fighting)
Iron Man/XO-Manowar by Atari/Acclaim(action)
James Pond 3 by Telegames(platform)
Jagmania by Matthias Domin(action)(unknown if will be released)
Jagmarble by Matthias Domin (action)(also unknown)
Jagtris by Bastian Schick(action/puzzle)(also unknown)
Kick Off 3 by Anco Software(sports)
Legions of the Undead by Rebellion(action/Adventure)
Lester the Unlikely by DTMC(action/strategy)
Max Force by ?(action/shooter)
Mountain Sports by DTMC(Action/Sports)
Nanoterror by Delta Music(not sure)
Native by Duranik Software, now under Native:Reborn(action/shooter)
Nerves of Steel by Rainmaker(action/adventure)
Painter by Sinister(Qix clone?)
Phase Zero by Hyper Image(action)
Phear by Atari/H2O Design(puzzle)
Powerdrive by Elite(action/driving)
Protector by Carl Forhan(arcade/action)
Rainbow Warrior by 3D Games(1st person shooter)
Return of Magic by Virtual Art.(adventure)
Rise of the Robots by Time-Warner/Williams Br.(action/adventure)
Robotron:2084 by Atari(action/arcade)
Rollcage by Team 17(sports/driving)
Skyhammer by Rebellion(flight/simulator)(this game is awesome!)
Soccer Kid by Ocean/Krisalis(platform)
Space War 2000 by Atari(update)
Star Raiders 2000 by Atari(update/action)
Sudden Impact by ?(action)
Super Off-Road by Telegames(arcade/driving)
T-Mek by Time-Warner(arcade)
Total Carnage by?
Thunderstalker by Telegames(not sure)
Ultimate Brain Games by Telegames(puzzle)
Virtuoso by Telegames/Williams Br.(action)
Virtual Warriors by Rainmaker(action/fighting)
Waterworld by Ocean(action)
Wild Cup Soccer by Telegames(action/sports)
Witchwood by Atari/Team 17(action)
World Cup by Anco Software(sports)
Zzyorxx II by Virtual Exp.(action/shooter)

Unreleased Jaguar CD games

Artemis by Springer Sp.(adventure)
Black Ice/White Noise by Atari(RPG/Adventure)
Brett Hull Hockey by Ringler(sports)
Circle of Four by JV Enterprises(RPG)
Commander Blood by Atari(adventure?)
Commando by Microids(strategy)
Country Grid by High Voltage(puzzle; probably the one game I wouldn't care for ;)
Creature Shock by Virgin and Argonaut Software(adventure)
Dante by Atari?(action?)
Demolition Man by Virgin(action)
Deus ex Machina by Similaris(adventure)
Dragon's Lair 2 by Readysoft(FMV adventure)
Evidence by Microids(adventure/mystery)
FIFA International Soccer by Electronic Arts(sports)
Freelancer 2120 by Imagitec Design(first-person shooter)
Highlander 2 by Lore Design(adventure)
Highlander 3 by Lore Design(adventure)
Horroscope by V-Reel Productions(fighter)
Ishar Genesis by Similaris(adventure)
Jack Nicklaus' Cyber Golf by ?(sports)
Kid Grid by High Voltage(puzzle)
Laura Cruz: Tomb Raider by Core Design(adventure)
Litil Devil by Gremlin Interactive(adventure?)
Lobo by Ocean(action?)
Magic Carpet by Bullfrog(action/arcade)
Max Force by Genus(action)
Mind-Ripper by Atari(strategy)
Mortal Kombat 3 by Williams
The Need for Speed by Electronic Arts(racing)
Neurodancer by PIXIS Ent.(let's just say, it's an "adult" game)
Powerslide by Williams(racing combat)
Return Fire by Alexandria(strategy/war)
Return to Zork by Activision(adventure)
Robinson's Requiem by Similaris and Readysoft(adventure)
Scottish Open Virtual Golf by Core Design(sports)
Soul Star by Core Design(action/adventure)

Star Raiders 2000(CD version) by Atari(space combat)
Starlight Bowl-A-Rama by V-Reel Productions(sports)
Striker '95 by Rage and TW(sports)
Swagman by Core Design(adventure)
Thunderhawk by Core Design(shooter)
Varuna's Forces by Accent Media(1st person shooter)
Virtuoso by Williams(action)
Wayne Gretzky NHL Hockey by Time-Warner(sports)
Wing Commander 3 by Electronic Arts(space combat)

Screen from the unreleased game Native
NOTE: Most of this list was taken from theAtari Jaguar FAQ
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