Our wedding Date: 19:th of May, 2000
Time: 2 pm CT time
Place: Wizards Vale, the suburbs

Wizards Vale in the suburbs, the place of the magic moment

One of the citizens in Wizards Vale

Our host for the evening

The happy couple as they prepare to walk down the isle, with KristenANV standing nearby ... oh... Spiritman, is that a tear I see in your eye?


The guests gather as the bride, groom and priestess take their places on the bridge where the wedding rights are to be performed.

KristenANV waiting for the wedding ceremony to commence.

A quick picture of Arby and rosebud69 in attendance before the ceremony begins.

Jordana and ttpluto (hey that's me!)  sharing some idle chit-chat as the bride 
and groom prepare themselves.

Jamesia and stardustgirl listening attentively to the priestess.

The priestess, Diamanda, arriving at the wedding reception 
after a magnificently performed ceremony.

The rather dashing Spiritman greets the guests as they trickle 
into the reception club.

The blushing newlywed wife poses for a quick photo
as the wedding reception gets in full swing.

Sweet Solita, in the club after the wedding

Ofcourse our son was with us