Well....  Here it is. Download  map from:
and download the models (thanks for the alert shithead) from http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Nova/2704/models.zip
YOU NEED THE MODELS ZIP or will NOT be able to see the jumppad, see the superb "flame" model of the guy holding the flame sword, the doomguy model, the plants, or the skeletons in the secret area
Sometimes you may experience problems 'cause somehow when you click on the link, it automatically adds "usshare" somewhere in the link, I don't know why this happens, just delete those words and should work fine. I just tried it and it DID change the geocities.com/Areablahblah.. to usshare.geocities.com/Areablahblah, just delete the usshare part in the address of the browser and hit enter, should then work.

Please report praise. Any criticsm may be immediately communicated by calling 1-888-EAT-SHIT, ext 6343 (NDIE) :))

Final Version: Revised 2/23/02, fixed lava and some overlapping brushes, if you had previously downloaded the map, need to re-download the ohshit.zip file again, which has the updated .pk3 and .aas files.
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glass window slime terrace temple by slime terrace
temple flame model doom model slimed

Uhmmmm look at the handicaps
parking lot area

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