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Beastman Warband Strengths:

One of the strongest aspects of the Beastman Warband is it's tough

troops. All of the troops available are T4 and all except

the Ungors have 2 or more wounds. This makes for a tough army that

doesn't die very easily. Even though ungors only have 1

wound, their T4 and cheap cost (4.5 points, meaning they get equipment

at half price) makes them an excellent troop type.

This also makes for an army that is hard to whittle down with missile

fire as S3 bows and even stronger S4 crossbows have

trouble getting past the T4 and multiple wounds.

Beastman Warband Weaknesses:

While the army is made up of very tough troops, it is rather slow.

With no cavalry the only speed comes from chariots, minotuars

and hounds (or through monster and allies). Another thing is that even

though, they are tough, they are not well armored.

None of the units can have better than a 5+ save in HtH and only

Bestigors can have better than 5+ save against shooting

(4+ if they buy shields). Just like Chaos Warrior Warbands, they have

no missile fire ability. Also they have a rather average

(which to me is low) leadership. Even the elite Bestigors only have a

7 leadership. This makes infighting a problem for Gors

(Bestigors are immune to it as are skirmished Ungors) and

non-skirmished ungors. Other leadership tests such as fear and

break tests can also be a problem. It's not inconceivable that the

entire army could panic in a chain reaction.

Now that we've looked at the overall strengths and weaknesses of the

army, lets look at each unit separately.

Beastman Gors:

PROS: They are tough with T4 and 2 wounds, cheap at 10points per model

and have a decent WS (4) enough to hit the

non-elite units of some armies on a 3+ like empire halberdiers and

goblins, skaven clanrats. They also have decent weapon

options (although I wish they could carry spears) and can carry a

magic standard. Like all Beastman units, they can have a

Beastman champion as part of the retinue.

CONS: They are only S3, which makes the option of additional hand

weapons somewhat useless, and have leadership 7 and

suffer from infighting. They also only have the option of taking light

armor and/or shields, which doesn't offer much protection.

USES: In smaller games, these guys will be your core unit. They are

tough a relatively cheap. If facing an army with mostly T3

stuff or stuff that isn't exceptionally well armored, halberds are a

good choice. Against tougher enemies (dwarves for example)

with better armor, double-handed weapons may be the better choice.

Always include a champion in every unit. It looks nice

and can always help. Plus it's a character and magic item slot that

doesn't count as warlord points, its part of the retinue.

Magic Standards like the Banner of Defiance, Dread Banner or even

Banner of Might are all good choices.

Beastman Ungors:

PROS: They are very cheap at 4.5 points (which means they get

equipment at half price) and while only have 1 wound are still

T4. One unit can skirmish and when doing so they are immune to


CONS: spears and shields aren't the best of options. And they cannot

have a magic standard.

USES: Giving them spears with a character in the unit with the Crown

of Command could do well as a tarpit unit. But they

seem best suited as a cheap skirmishing screen to the gors and

Bestigors and even the chariots.

Beastman Bestigors:

PROS: They have an extra point of WS and S over gors... making them

WS5, S4, T4 and 2 wounds. They wear heavy

armor (the only unit in the Beastman Warband that can), carrying

halberds for S5 attacks and can take shields to give them a

4+ save against shooting. Bestigors are also immune to infighting and

panic caused by ungors. They can also have a magic


CONS: They can ONLY carry halberds. Occasionally double handed weapons

or spears or even additional hand weapons

would be a nice option. They are pretty expensive (18points) compared

to Gors so are best suited for slightly larger games.

Especially if you want a big block of them.

USES: If you have a points, a big block can be very strong. They will

be tough to kill, even with only a 5+ armor save

although the Standard of Shielding could improve that to a 4+ helping

a little. Again a champion is a good idea. If a small

game, use gors, if you have the points these guys are a good core

unit. And personally I like the models.

Beastman Chariots:

PROS: Probably the toughest (especially for the cost) chariot in the

game. The crew are ors with T4 and 2 wounds, the

steeds are also T4 and 2 wounds AND have a 4+ save and are S4 (the

crew are S3). The crew have decent options of

halberds or double handed weapons although again spears would be nice.

The chariot can have scythed wheels and one chariot

can have a magic standard.

CONS: Movement 7 is a little slower than most chariots, but not too

bad. The steeds are considerably tougher than the crew

so it's more likely that shooting will kill the crew and the chariot

to go out of control than it is that the steeds will be killed and

the chariot stopped. Which may not seem like all that bad of a thing,

at least until the sucker turns around and plows into your

own beastigor unit :)

USES: USE THEM! The model is very nice and is one of the best chariots

in the game IMO. Tougher than any other chariot I

can think of (a Lizardman Stegedon is tougher but not a true

chariot)... it's only 108pts with scythed wheels. Giving it the

Standard of Shielding isn't a bad idea, along with light armor and

shields for the crew will give the steeds 3+ armor saves, and

the crew 4+ against shooting, 5+ in HtH. Now THAT'S a tough chariot.

It's also one of the few forms of speed in your army.


PROS: They are pretty fast (movement 6) and tough (T4 and 3 wounds).

Their leadership 9 is also a nice thing in an

otherwise leadership challenged army. Any unit can have a magic

standard as well and they cause fear. They are also subject to

bloodgreed which causes them to frenzy on a4+ if they break and

opponent in HtH or wipe them out completely.

CONS: They could have better equipment options. Double handed weapons

and additional hand weapons are both nice, but

a middle ground of halberds would be great too. And what's the point

of a model with T4 and 3 wounds having light armor

only? They either need good armor or none at all. They also are

subject to bloodgreed that can make them frenzy. Yes it can

be a pro and con as a good opponent with fast troops (like elf armies,

for example) can lead frenzied units around by the

nose. Also, the model cost a bloody $15 per model! That's a little

much. I'm inclined to use my Warhammer Quest minotaur

models and convert them to look nicer.

USES: Well some people love them. I'm not sure, I think they can be

good because of their speed and toughness, but I

generally don't like the risk of frenzy as it's easy to lead them

around. If you use them 3 are best (maybe 2 and a champion)

because of their base size. If playing an army with lots of weaker

troops or not really well armored, additional hand weapons

are a good choice. if you want them to fight heavy cavalry knights

like bretonnians, double-handed weapons are a good idea.

Chaos Hounds:

PROS: Just like for a Chaos Warrior Warband, hounds are cheap and fast

troops that are pretty tough T4 and 2 wounds.

They also have 2 S4 attacks.

CONS: Low leadership. LD6 just isn't a good thing to be taking

leadership tests with.

USES: The Beastman champion isn't a good option because it slows down

the unit too much. But these guys could be good to

swing around and get a flank charge on a enemy unit that your gors or

beastigors are fighting in the front. They can also be

useful at attacking missile units, just try to keep them from taking Ld

tests unless within 12" of the general.

Beastman Characters:

BeastLord: This guy is pretty darn tough. T5 and 4 wounds is nice.

Like Chaos Warrior warlords, he can't take both a flail

and additional hand weapon for example. He can only choose ONE of the

weapons he's allowed. His leadership 9 is important

so unless you are playing a small game he's worth his 200pts.

Beastman Chief: Almost as tough as the lord with T5 and 3 wounds

(better than the lord characters of many armies). His

leadership 8 is a good addition to a unit as well. If playing a small

game, he would make a decent general. but if you can afford

it, the BeastLord is better, this guy makes for a good second choice

for a warlord though.

Beastman Battle Standard Bearer: One of the few really useful battle

standards in the game IMO. With T4, 2 wounds and

heavy armor and shield he will be fairly well protected and can lend

an extra magic standard to a unit. But generally I'd rather

spend 5 more points and get a Beastman Chief.

Beastman Shamans: All T5 and anywhere from 2 to 5 wounds! That makes

these guys tough. A Shaman Lord is T5 and 5

wounds which is excellent. The only other armies which can have a

general/mage with 5 wounds (without special characters)

are Daemon Warbands and Lizardman Armies. However with a leadership 7

for all but the shaman lord (who has an 8) if you

want a shaman to be your general, you should invest in the crown of

command. Your general's leadership is too important to

keep the 7 IMO. But their ability to mix chaos god decks is an

interesting and fun ability (although not always useful).

Overall Army Tactics/Ideas:

Generally you are going to have a slow and plodding, tough to kill

army. You do have access to some speed in Minotaurs,

hounds and chariots, but your core will be slow. A unit of Gors or

Bestigors make a good core unit, at least 20 models strong

including characters/champions/etc. Make them have the ability to take

a charge (cause you likely will) and stand firm. The

Banner of Defiance is a good choice for your core unit. While the unit

won't be able to pursue, you can use hounds or

minotaur flank charges to help break and then pursue the enemy. Take

at least 1 or 2 chariots (assuming around a 2000pt

game). Their d6+ 2 (always take scythed wheels) is a good way to break

that unit that your Bestigor unit is fighting back and

forth with. Remember, you don't have any missile fire so you have to

get your guys into HtH. Even though your troops are

tough, you don' want to take too much missile fire, so Ungor screens

are virtually a requirement (besides they are very cheap).

Think about your unit when you put characters in it and how best they

can help. For example, if you have a core unit of Gors

with double handed weapons, a Beastman chief or BeastLord with the

helm of many eyes and a flail (or suitable magic weapon)

is a good way to get in some attacks and hopefully kills before the

enemy kills off some of your strike last Gors. Don't be too

tempted to give your character heavy armor and shields. While a 4+

save is nice, it slows him down to Movement 3 and

hence, slows any unit he's with as well. If you want armor, make one

of them magical or only take heavy armor.

If you want your Beastman chief or BeastLord to get into HtH quick,

mounting him on a chariot is a good idea. However be

careful of rank bonus, while the impact hits from a chariot can

equalize even full rank an standard bonus, you might just roll a 1

and have 3 hits only 1 or 2 wounding. This may leave your general

broken from HtH and run down (even fleeing 3d6). Which

is a lot of points to have rundown.


I'm not sure who wrote this, but if it's you take your credit!




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