Welcome to the Abyss!

"A comfortable little oasis, ... Tesslariotirentia calls; ..."

{{{ While haphazardly peering into your magic mirror; ... surprisingly, a gaze suddenly
meets yours, ... & acknowledges 'YOU'! ... 'This is ... Alu_Fiend_Tess': }}}
In her natural form, Tess is exotically beautiful; & obviously demonic.

Iridescent blue-gray scales line the edges of her body in brief symmetrical patches; & beautiful dragon-like wings sprout from her shoulders.

Her hair is dark & shiny; & her large lustrous blue, turquoised eyes, are soulful to say the least.

In Memorium of -

~ ÿ 1938.Ernest Gary GyGax.2008 ÿ ~

- Pioneering, American Writer & Game Designer.
- Co-Creator of (RPG) Role-Playing Game: (D & D) Dungeons & Dragons.
- Co-Founder of (TSR) Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. - 1973.

"A Founding Father of TableTop, Role-playing Games."
Normally she dresses in an incredibly lightweight armor; which appears to be made from precious metals, & actually flexible marble.

This alone is a rare sight; since her armor was forged in the silent flame of the abyss.

She carries no obvious weapons, since magic is her expertise; & her retractable talons are more than a match for any sword.
Of course, like many of her kin; she can change her shape at will, ... so she 'could' look, ... 'completely' different.

'Home Sweet Home'

"... at least for some it is ..."

~ ... [Planning to join the our Dungeons & Dragons (RPG) Games?] ... ~

- Within the Free City of Greyhawk (Campaign), on the Continent of Flanaess; there is -

Yahoo ID:   Alu_Fiend_Tess
Real Name:   Tesslariotirentia
Nickname:   Tess
Location:   The Abyss
Age:   131
Marital Status:   Married; ... But Looking
Sex:   Female
Occupation:   Exterminator of sorts

~ ... & some of her Friends, Comrades; ... & Foes ... -

... in town; & neighboring Terrains, Cities, States,
Etc. of the Flanaess Regions of Oerth, & Realms of
                                                           the Abyss.


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"There is no wrong wine for dinner; ... its just wrong when dinner whines. ..."

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