Aji's Photo Palace

Music currently playing:

Broken Key Waltz 1974 Aji Sabaki

(revised for lack of accelerando and ritardando in my MIDI editor)

Three Easy Pieces on Five Notes by Igor Stravinsky

(MIDI arrangement by Aji Sabaki)

1. Andantino

2. Lento

3. Larghetto

My favorite shots:


Me working on this shot


Sonata in a tree


Clouds after the rain above my Mother's house


Pastiche resting on the sofa


Leaf Vacuum Truck Early Morning


Some of the Trees Shedding those Leaves


Picture I took of my friend with Saddam Hussein


Allegro Sharpening his Claws on a Wooden Fence


Suzy guarding my backyard


Allegro Sharpening His Claws on a Tree


Neighbor's House While In-Laws Visiting


Day lillies at my Mother's house


Leaves from my walk back home


Allegro the Navigator


Study in Patterns


Picture I used to create this wallpaper

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