I am currently working on this page as the MIDI music

editor I have is very difficult to trancribe my music with.







Aji handing Johann the corrected score of the English Suite #6.

Bach exclaimed "Thanks to Aji's modifications this work is rescued from my wastepaper basket!"

Aji remarked "J. S. is a cool dude but I have higher expectations for his son P.D.Q."

Please keep in mind that I am currently working on the MIDI file versions of these great hits.

So I will be updating these regularly. All these are my own compositions copyrighted between 1971-1999

So far, these are only works that have already been realized using traditional instruments. In these transcriptions to the MIDI file format I've had to make some comprimises. I don't like comprimises. I DETEST comprimises. More on this later. Most of this music was concieved in the 1970s and 1980s. Soon I shall be getting my first synthesiser and a musical editor worthy of my talents. Until then I hope you enjoy these meager offerings. Its been fun learning the limitations/benefits of MIDI and expect great things from this page in the following months/years.

I may also find the time to start my own Music Theory courses here if I get enough Email feedback requesting them.

1:42 Song for Lovely Colette

This is as traditional as I could get. However you may notice the ending uses modern gimmicks. The use of thining density in the main part is also cool.

3:43 Kathy's Song

The harmony is the focus on this work. The melody is purposely boring in order to emphasize the harmonic progression. I can hardley wait to get my synthesizer in order to do the string arrangement I have in mind.

1:40 Broken Mirror

This is a truncated version of a work mostly in the whole-tone scale. Without the use of harmonic cadences it relies on rhythme in order to give it form. Notice that the line is inverted between the two hands as if a mirror was placed on the D key above middle C. Also notice the polyrhythmic interlude.

1:06 Broken Key Waltz

This MIDI version is a poor cousin to the way I play this in real life as I can not yet do MIDI files with accelerando and ritardendo. Check back next month to see if I finally redid this with my new synthesiser.

1:49 Celebration

A latin rhythme on this. I have not put in the slow middle section as being in the same key I think it too boring.

3:51 Spring Passion

A simple song with a pasionate break strain.

Works in progress:

Chopped Sticks (MIDI version needs some polishing up)

I use this work for improvisation exclusively so it may not translate here very well. I have yet to play a synthesiser that does the rumbling tone cluster the way I do it on my grand piano.

Jeanine (Wait till you see the rest of this!)

A jazz-rock using the crude layered approach.

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