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The following links for program downloads assume a Windows operating system.

Find out what this game is all about by clicking Introduction to Go

Get a free program to teach you how to play in about half an hour

by clicking IGO (MSDOS only)

Get a free Go-playing program to practice against at:

The Official TurboGo Homepage



Now that you know how to play Go it is time to join one or more of the Internet Go servers. But before you can do that you need to learn about the Go Archives and how to download an internet Go client from there.

The IGS (Internet Go Server) file archives have two sites and several mirror sites which I have found not to be kept up-to-date. The first link goes to an FTP site that allows 150 users. The 2nd site allows only 20. So just bookmark the first site. I will tell you the subdirectories in text after this. I will be emphasizing freeware or shareware for the MS-DOS/Windows. But you can also find clients and sgf./mgt. file readers/editors for Mac and UNIX systems.

After you click on one of these two sites you should go to the clients directory and download a client for your operating system. I suggest Windows users download the WinIGC (Windows Internet Go Client) version for there version of Windows. I can find others on the Go servers to help those with other operating systems get started. Just e-mail me at [email protected]

You can find information about various clients by clicking on the README file in any directory. ftp://ftp.nuri.net/Go/ OR ftp://igs.nuri.net/Go

If you downloaded WinIGC in the clients directory I suggest you also download WinMGT in the mgt directory. Although this newer version of an offline mgt./sgf. file reader/editor does not allow feartures in the unregistered version I can tell you alternative freeware/shareware to get if you E-mail me. Once you have a mgt./sgf. file reader/editor you can save your games and explore vatiations. You can also go to the GTL (Go Teaching Ladder) directory to get free commented games such as the won game I lost of which the final position is pictured above.

ftp://ftp.nuri.net/Go/GTL/401-450-reviews.zip My game is 421 and is commented by a stronger player as all the games in the GTL are. But you need an .sgf/mgt. file reader/editor to get all the good comments and variations (ergo e-mail me).

Once you download your internet Go client we aren't done. The IGS URL/port in the connection|setup menu is the only Go server that will ban a member for life for refering to another Go server. So I suggest you enter in that connection menu:

nngs.cosmic.org 9696

and connect to the No Name Go Server. Once there tell anyone aji sent you.

This server is much more friendly and you don't have to worry about talking about Tibet on the Chinese server or The Rape of Nanking on the Japanese server etc.

Now here are some other Go links:

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Here is the best Go index page on the net!:

The Web Go (WeiQi, Baduk) Page Index

There is a lot more where this all came from. Just e-mail me

at [email protected]

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