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Well, I haven't been here in QUITE sometime, but so as I do not lose this site (like I lost SDoEL *cries*) I am posting now. I might be updating soon so keep in touch. Hey! I'm a college student now! USF rocks!!! XD
Welcome the New Year! ^_^ Well, i must say it has been quite some time. Once i hit last summer: BOOM! That was it. The time has been flying by. I have so many auditions coming up and other band events that once next Saturday hits, that will be the beginning of the rush of my final year. Well, i have statistics assignments to work on. I will try to return more frequently to work here (you should see my "inuyasha" picture folder. Its SO full). ^_^  Ja ne.
PS: check me out on
http://gaiaonline.com. I'm SAKOME.

Hello! Oh my...it has been.... QUITE a while. Java had been screwing up on my computer...so getting onto geocities...was near to impossible. ^   ^"' Anyways, ever heard of go-gaia.com? Its such a FUN site! You create your own avatar and earn money by going to places on the site or posting in threads. Its a lot of fun. My avatar is Sakome. If you ever go there, send me a message. ^   ^ Anyways, have you all been watching the new Inu-Yashas?!?!?! I have! They're really good! ^   ^ well, i'll let you go. Now that i know java is working i should be on more to update. Ja ne! oh...i made Drum Major!!!! UPDATES!!!:
Fan Art up! Image of the Week.

Hey! ^-^ Sorry it's been a while. ^^'  I've been pretty busy with work lately. Anyways, the only things updated are the
pic of the week
((i know. it's been a LONG one week. T_T)) and one
new button. Well, i'm going on vaca tomorrow and i won't be back until the 27th. I'll probably get on then and tell you everything that has happened. ^ ^  We're going to a family reunion and Inuyasha's decided to come with us! It's SO exciting! ^ ^ *giggle*  He thinks there might be more shards in my time. Well, can't wait to tell you everything that occurs! Ja ne!

Oh hi. ^^ I worked for the FIRST time today!  It was ok, i guess. I work at McDonald's, so....you know, "woo-hoo". Yea Anyways, *sigh* its friday and that means i have to wait ALL of the way 'til tuesday to see Inuyasha again. *weep* For the time being, i'll just have to preoccupy myself with the episodes i've taped. Inuyasha's angry at me cause i have to work now. ^^ He says: "That damn job takes time away from collecting MY jewel shards!" I quote. He's sitting on the bed scowling. Well, need to go u[date stuff! Ja ne! Additions:
Couples, one pic, Pic of the Week, new link((above guestbook)).

Hello. ^-^ Well, i can now surf the internet without interruption... because Inuyasha's taking a little nap. We had a big day today and in the outcome, we got two more pieces of the Shikon jewel! ^-^ He looks so kawaii, sweet, and innocent....looks can be decieving. Inuyasha is really sweet to me though, so i guess i have nothing to complain about. Anyways, i haven't done much other than change the backgrounds a couple of places, add
one pic, "about", and "special thanks". *sigh* todays has been a long day....maybe i'll go take a nap with Inuyasha. *blush* Ja ne! ^.~
Kagome Higurashi
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