IMPORTANT If you were RPing an Aetharyn before, you need to let me know again.  Most of the RPers aren't still here to play them, so I've taken down a lot of the stars. by the names
The First House
The Second House
The Third House
The Fourth House
The Fifth House
The House of Aetharyn.  A place for outcasts to start a new and better life.  A place to leave your past behind so that you can build your future.  A family by choice, if not by blood. 
First House:  Aredhel *|  RyaelKacelaAiricKiyaVaidynTauryn *| 

Second House: 
Amiara * |  Astaysia * |  SylahAlysia   |  Aidon | KhelinAdina *

Third House: 
MyarallisSylahMerciLaraJade *|  LazriJasara | Robyn * |  Adina

Fourth House:  Kiara  | 
Kaede   *|  Kaliden *|  Beniah *|  TobiasRaeth *

Fifth House: 
AmandaDarynVivian *|  Erin&Melody   |  AsiraHope *
Interested in playing one of the characters listed above? (Those with a star by the name are NOT available)
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