Long ago, in a land filled with danger, an epic battle that was fought.
A battle between an Evil King
A Courageous Hero
A Legendary Princess
It will forever-more be only known as
The Legend of Zelda 

New News
April 4, 2004

Finished the game... still don't like it... very disapointing, blah blah blah.  It was nasty and horrible but I took my medicine and now I'm done with that game... Very disapointing ending... I thought the hero was supposed to make things return to normal... nope, just drive into the sunset with Hyrule under the waves of death and Gannon at the bottom of them.  what a MAJOR disapointment for an ending.  I'm done raggin on it though.  It rubbed me the wrong way from beginning to end but we'll see what nintedo comes up with next.  Love the Harvest moon for the cube, it's just :drool:!  that's all I've got... hopefully I'll get my hands on a particular CDI Zelda that will make this boo-boo better. 

Old news
October 28, 2003
Okay... I've had two years to think, two years to play... And I still think that Wind Waker was not Intended for a Zelda Title.  Nintendo should have choosen a different title character to use this experiement of medium with.  Those bastards were too fricking good at marketing their product and I got looped into buying the game because of the 15 dollar down payment for Ocarina of Time and Master Quest (which by the way was definetly challenging and a good idea).  What a great disapointment... I've heard a rumor form a friend that he heard from somewhere that Nintendo will be licencing Link out to be on the PS2 for a more adult Zelda game.... all I can ask is Why... Why Nintendo Why???  Just what are we, loyal Zelda fans supposed to categorize this thing you've given us?  It was successfull with children, yes, it was appealing to those who were brought in with the Ocarina of Time, true.  It was a great corporate stride for you but where's the tension? where's the epicness?  Where's the feeling of acomplishment?  True, gannon is defeated but I see no end to the playability... Nobody has the time and patience to learn the entire secrets of this Hyrule... There was far too much sailing and wtf is up with the crapy cell shadeing??  This game was no step foreward... it was painfull to pick up, painfull to play and painfull to put down.  It reeked of pain, misery and sorrow for how it could have looked, why show us a beautifull preview and then cut it down so sharply... I was looking foreward to wandering through countryside on horseback watching the shimmer of the individual leaves on trees of a sylvan glen  while the whole time waiting for some horrible moblin or octorock to be lurking behind the beauty...
Wind waker had it's moments... but it still holds no candle for the sense of acomplishment that I got playing Ocarina of time.  Story was set and done in that game, the plot was started and held strong for the latter Zeldas on the NES and prior systems. 



A picture that I drew of Knil and Naboru.  Knil is a guy I made up to be Link's evil twin, (not that Link had enough enemies).  He's a ladies man and took a liking to Naboru, He's drawn here right after Koume and Kotake appeared.  If I was the game designer and had Knil in Z64, I would have had him quickly run to protect the still dazed Naboru, this is a drawn picture of my idea, hope you like it :-)

This is Zelda from the late 1980's when she actually did something other than just scream for help when Gannon captured her.  She wielded a bow and arrow  (Not pictured) and helped link out quite a few times.  This design was in both the Comic book system and the TV series.  I drew more from the Comics than the tv series for this particular work.  I think it looks very very close to the original yet drawn from my hand.  I did very well on this one... it's replacing that abomination I had before. 

I don't beleive my tallent, I did this in all of 15 minuets all I can say is wow.  It's exactly what I wanted Knil to look like.  Ahh well, enjoy.

Erm... this is.... well what I started on a pristege class for D&D but ended up with just a picture and some cool ideas.  a very nifty picture though.  I liked making it. 

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