Exploring the RICHEST Country in the World | Luxembourg! 🇱🇺


Today, I’m going on an exciting adventure to one of the richest countries in the world and my 30th country, Luxembourg.


Welcome To The Richest Country In The World

Luxembourg may be one of the world’s smallest countries, but there are a lot of interesting things to know about it, whether it’s the free public transport, the fact that it holds the highest GDP per capita in the world, or that the entire old part of Luxembourg City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Honestly, I’m convinced I’m inside a fairy tale. This is literally looking like a movie set. So let’s go explore Luxembourg.

Traveling By Train From Brussels To Luxembourg

So I spent the last three days in Brussels, and now I’m taking a train from Brussels to Luxembourg, which is about three hours long. And I have a U rail pass, which is honestly super useful if you’re traveling by train in Europe. It works out to be more cost-effective as well if you’re doing lots of train rides. So if you’re planning a trip to Europe, definitely consider it.

But yeah, I can’t believe this is my 30th country and Luxembourg has honestly been very fascinating to me just because of how tiny the country is and how it’s one of the wealthiest countries in the world. A lot of people who visit Luxembourg usually end up doing a day trip from Brussels or Paris, which probably makes more sense as well.

But I’m actually taking all my luggage and spending the night in Luxembourg because from here I’m heading to Switzerland and it’s just closer and made more sense. I was just thinking about it. And last year when I started my Europe trip, I had only been to 12 or 13 countries at that point, which is not a small number, but compared to 30, it is quite small.

And yeah, it’s just been an incredible travel year for me. I ended up traveling to a lot of countries that I’d already been to as well. So the US, Indonesia, the Maldives, and I’ve been to Switzerland like four times already now. So yeah, very, very grateful for the incredible year of travel that I’ve had. But anyway, this is a longish train ride. So I’m going to get some work done, enjoy the view outside, maybe take a nap as well, and see you all in Luxembourg.

I made it to Luxembourg. And the first really cool thing about Luxembourg is that the public transport in this entire country is free of cost. My hotel is just a five-minute walk from the station, so I’m just going to walk. But hopefully, I’ll get to use the free public transport later.

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 Guys, I have been mind blown by ChatGPT. It is the best AI I’ve ever used and it’s already changing the world by writing books that are being sold on Amazon, creating super popular tweets for influencers, and even writing and passing university exams. So I decided to push it to the limits and find the top ten best things you can do with ChatGPT that’ll change your life.

Instant Summary

So to get started, open your brow and head over to Chat.Openai.com it’ll ask you to sign up on ChatGPT. So just pop in your details and then you’re pretty much good to go. And one of the first powerful things you’ve got to do with it is ask it to summarize things like if you have a web link to a super long article that you don’t necessarily want to spend your time reading.

You can go ahead, copy that link, then hop into ChatGPT and actually ask it. ChatGPT offers a streamlined way to easily summarize lengthy articles into just a few sentences. It’s even capable of summarizing YouTube videos with incredible accuracy – I’m really impressed! To experience the power of ChatGPT, simply paste the article or video link and witness the magic. And this is really useful, especially when the videos are long, like this podcast, which was an hour and twelve minutes.




 All you do is select the link, hit that copy button, and once again in ChatGPT, ask it to summarize a video, then paste the link, but importantly, head on back to the YouTube video and also copy the title, then paste that title just below the link. I’m not going to lie, without using the title you can sometimes get some mixed results, but once again, instantly it gives you a summary of what was actually in the video without having to spend an hour and twelve minutes.





Impressively, it is capable of summarizing expansive amounts of text in a remarkably short period of time. So again, instead of spending hours reading through files or documents, you can literally just copy the pages of text, then go into ChatGPT and type out tldr too long, didn’t read? Then just ask it to summarize in two sweet sentences for you, paste all those pages of text, and watch as this bad boy spits out the quickest summary you’ve ever seen. And what’s crazy is just how fast it can do it.





My Solo Trip to South Africa


This morning a leopard dropped a dead antelope out of a tree onto the ground next to me and now I am splattered with antelope blood. Welcome to South Africa.

South Africa


Cape Town

Good morning from Cape Town South Africa. After a couple of weeks of exploring Namibia, which was amazing. I’ve flown to South Africa to spend a week exploring here. I’m spending a few days in Cape Town South Africa and then I’m going to be flying to the Kruger National Park area to visit Sabi Sands, which I will talk about more when I get there. I’m staying on the waterfront here in Cape Town and to be honest, my first impression is that it reminds me of San Francisco.

This morning when I woke up there was this foggy, low marine layer and there were lots of shops and restaurants. I have an incredible view from this room, which I was not expecting. And I’m super happy with my choice to stay in this South African area. So the first thing I have planned here in Cape Town is a private tour. I thought about renting a car but they drive on the left side of the road here and that made me a little nervous.

Boulders Penguins

So I’ve hired a private guide for half a day to take me down to Simonstown where the Boulders Penguin Colony is and down to the Cape of Good Hope South Africa.

The Boulders Penguin Colony South Africa has a pretty incredible origin story because this colony started in 1982 with just two breeding pairs. Today it consists of around 3000 birds and they’re under the protection of Cape Nature conservation because the species is on the verge of extinction.

Cape Of Good Hope

After spending some time with the penguins, we drove down toward the Cape of Good Hope South Africa, which is the very tip of the peninsula. If you come to Cape Town, you have to do this drive and you’ll probably see some ostriches along the way.

Chapman’s Peak Drive

Then heading back toward Cape Town South Africa, we drove the famous Chapman’s Peak Drive. This is considered one of the most spectacular coastal drives in the world. The road was hacked into the near vertical face of the mountain so you feel like you’re hanging over the water and the views are outstanding.



How to Plan a Trip to Portugal | PORTUGAL TRAVEL GUIDE


You’re planning on traveling to Portugal? Well, I just got back from a ten-day trip to Portugal with my mom, and she said it was the best trip she’s ever been on. In this article, I’m going to share with you everything you need to know to plan your own trip to Portugal. Let’s go with it.





How to Get To Portugal?

First things first. How do you get to Portugal? We took a direct flight from Washington Dulles to Lisbon Airport. Super easy, and super streamlined. It got us there.

How To Get Around Portugal?

The best way to get around Portugal is by renting a rental car we rented with avis. It was really great. It got us everywhere we needed to go.

One thing to note about renting cars in Portugal is that if you can drive manually, then you’ll probably be saving a lot of money on rental car prices. We can’t. And so we rented an automatic car, and it was a little bit more expensive but definitely worth it.

How Long Should You Stay In Portugal?

I would recommend ten days. This fits in perfectly with a corporate PTO schedule where you can take a week off and include two weekends. This gives you an adequate amount of time to see all the top spots in Portugal and even fit in some relaxation. But this is definitely more of an adventure itinerary. This small country. Although it’s small, it has so much to see and explore.



Portugal is seriously so underrated. As someone who grew up on the east coast in Virginia, all I ever heard of was Spain, France, Italy, and England. I never heard of Portugal, but Portugal is such a beautiful country with so, so much to explore. I was so blown away. The landscapes are so diverse and beautiful.

The culture is fun and amazing. The people are kind and friendly. The food is delicious. Overall, an amazing, amazing country.

What Time Of Year Should You Visit Portugal?

So summer. So June, July, and August are the peak. That’s when tourism is at an all-time high. The weather is sunny, the weather is at its best, but it’s also going to mean a lot of crowds in a lot of places and more expensive prices on just about everything. And so if you can, the best would be to visit in the shoulder seasons, like the spring and the fall.

You might need a jacket because it can get chilly there, especially since Portugal is along the coast and there can be a lot of coastal winds. That would be a great time to get less expensive prices and avoid a lot of the crowd. That being said, our trip was in June, which was a lot of tourists, and a lot of people everywhere.

But honestly, that adds to the fun, and it was a great trip anyway. The thing I would recommend, though, is to bring a jacket or a layer because we were actually blown away almost literally by the winds and how cold it got sometimes, so be sure to bring your layers.



Ubud 17 Insider Tips For An Unforgettable Experience


In this article, I’m gonna be giving you 17 must-do things in Ubud Bali. Visiting Indonesia reveals a wealth of cultural treasures, including majestic waterfalls, ornate temples, verdant rice terraces, and delicious cuisine. With so much to explore in this vibrant nation, it’s no wonder that travelers flock to marvel at its wonders. Ubered is one of my favorite places in Bali and it is located in the center of the island among the rainforests.


With so much to do in and around Uberd, I’ve spent a month exploring this area of Bali and honestly, I would go back for more. The best way to get around Uber is definitely by scooter. You can acquire this service from many hotels or hostels through renting. They vary in cost, but they usually cost between 60,000 and 80,000 thousand a day. Remember to bargain and if you’re getting it for a long period of time, you can get a good deal.



Suwat Waterfall

Let’s start with number one, and that is Suwat’s Waterfall. This waterfall is likely an undiscovered gem, and it is worth visiting. With its breathtaking views and serenity, this location should be featured on any traveler’s list of must-sees. It is absolutely beautiful. And there are actually two jump spots.

So if you feel like a bit of an adrenaline junkie, then you can do flips and jumps into the water and you can even jump through the waterfall. The waterfall is about a 30-minute drive from the center of Ubud and it costs 15000 Rs for the entrance fee.

Monkey Forest

Number two and this is one you probably have heard of. And it is the Monkey Forest. The premises of this establishment have been expertly designed and cultivated to create a welcoming atmosphere. There are over 1000 monkeys split into six different groups. Amelia and I were pretty scared about going in here because we’ve had some crazy situations with monkeys.

But to be honest, it was such a great experience. And these monkeys aren’t as frightening as some of the wild ones, which just come and grab your bags. We got an awesome photo of a monkey on our shoulders, but you can also get that famous selfie shot you’ve probably seen on Instagram and the staff there will help you take the photos. The entrance fee is Rs80,000 and it’s so worth it.