What Y2K Taught Me About The USA

The news media and governmewnt lies about EVERYTHING! - That is what Y2K taught me. let me show you.

0. The general thrust of advice was - stock up for a winter storm but go out and party like it was 1999. Funny I do not remember receiving advice like that before. Usually when a big winter storm is coming, the advice is to hunker down in your house. Something don't add up big time here!

1. The federal government builds a $50 million Y2K Command Center near the White House protected by armed guards but "they don't expect any problems".

2. The FBI in Connecticut reports that no credible threat exists against Connecticut yet every single FBI agent in the state will be on duty. Let me guess, on a normal New Year's Eve they have half a person on duty (to answer the phone).

3. A US Senator receives a report from the GAO that some people without security clearances have been working on Y2K fixes to the FAA Air Traffic Control computers. The report is forwarded to Security Advisor Berger at the White House and promptly buried before Xmas. Wouldn't want to PANIC anyone!

4. Boston news media reports that all Boston police officers will be on duty yet I heard that only 285 officers were on duty. There are ?1200 police officers on the BPD - where were the rest of them?

5. On January 3, 2000 it is revealed that the Feds have actually arrested a additional Algerian in Washington. That info was suppressed for ?8 days.

6. On January 4, 2000 it is revealed that an additional Algerian was arrested in New York City under a sealed indictment and in secret hearings. That info was suppressed for 3 days.

7. The Pentagon apparently lost most of their satellite info for several hours. this info was suppressed because "they did not want to release incomplete information". You know - "incomplete" - as in the spokesman had not taken his last breath on Earth yet so anything that he said would be "incomplete".

8. You have been very good - you have read this complete article without complaining - so here is your reward. Lets start the 2/2/2000 Death Pool. I am guessing that someone famous will die on February 2, 2000. Send me your guesses. Who will die and at what time? Will the time be near 0002 hours, 0202 hours, 1202 hours, 1402 hours, or 2002 hours, or 2020 hours? (all times local) The winner will get a nice prize.

9. Was #9 crass enough for you?

10. The solution is for the USA is simple - one man, one vote - limit of $100 on political contributions per person - jury trials to last no longer than 1 week - expenditures for prosecution must match expenditures for defense in all criminal cases - no longer than 30 days in jail between arrest and trial.

11. Go ahead - correct me!


Gleegh! - Gleegh! - Gleegh! - Gleegh!

The following was taken from www.boston.com - check them out.

Y2K bug bit Pentagon satellites at key time  
By John Diamond Chicago Tribune, 1/13/1999   
ASHINGTON - The nation's image-collecting spy satellites were all but blinded by a Y2K computer bug for nearly three days, an outage far more substantial than the Pentagon initially reported, according to knowledgeable government officials.
The Pentagon first portrayed the interruption as lasting a few hours, but virtually the entire constellation of high-accuracy optical and radar spy satellites was apparently either out of service or functioning far below capacity for most of the New Year's holiday weekend.
Although no emergency occurred, the three-day interruption came as the entire US intelligence community was on global alert for potential terrorist activity relating to the year 2000 celebrations.
The interruption began when a computer patch intended to avert any Y2K glitches failed to function properly, resulting in data from five spy satellites coming in as garble. Within a few hours, technicians at the Pentagon's main satellite ground station, the Army's Fort Belvoir in suburban Virginia, redirected satellite signals to a receiving station at White Sands Missile Range, N.M. They then began a slow process of manually deciphering the signals into usable imagery.
As the problem emerged on New Year's Eve, controllers greatly narrowed the data they were collecting so that images of only the top-priority targets were painstakingly recovered. This effort enabled the Pentagon to assert in news conferences that it managed to collect most of the intelligence it needed.
But officials said privately that the glitch seriously ''degraded'' the flow of satellite imagery throughout the weekend and that the vast majority of what would normally be collected was lost.
How a Y2K problem could turn up in an area as sensitive as the nation's spy satellite system, and virtually nowhere else in the vast military network of computers, is something Pentagon officials were unable or unwilling to explain.
Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre did not return a phone call seeking comment, and other Pentagon officials declined to comment on the record.
None of the security threats that had US officials on edge during the holiday weekend actually emerged. But the interruption in spy satellite imagery was felt throughout the intelligence community, up to the level of the White House, which receives a daily diet of classified imagery focusing on areas of national security concern.
''I was aware of the problem because all of a sudden there were no pictures coming in,'' said one senior administration official. 
The year 2000 flaw interrupted the highly classified intelligence collected from all three of the US electro-optical imaging satellites and from both of the radar imaging satellites, which can assemble a detailed picture of activities on the ground even in darkness or through cloud cover.
Although Hamre and other defense officials insisted nothing critical was missed as a result of the spy satellite shutdown, there is no way to know for sure, because much of the garbled data cannot be recovered, according to knowledgeable officials.
This story ran on page A12 of the Boston Globe on 1/13/1999. 
 Copyright 2000 Globe Newspaper Company.  
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