1. Watch out for CAPITAL LETTERS versus lower case letters, sometimes they can really screw things up. Maybe "blank spaces" in URLs also.

2. If you go to the wrong place on the Internet, hit the backup key until you get back to a place that you recognize.

3. IMHO = "in my humble opinion" / BTW = "by the way" / IIRC = "if I remember correctly" / FWIW = "for what it is worth"

4. Go light on the messages you send out - they might come back to bite you.

5. For security purposes, you usually have to give your Email address or "name", plus a password everytime that you log onto a "secure" website. So, while it may say that they will never ask for your password, in fact they will always ask for your password whem you are signing in.

6. When making posts - put your subject in the subject box. If you are posting a question, then put some ?????? marks in your subject box along with your question. If you are replying to an earlier post, then put "re" in your subject box plus the topic - as in "I am replying to John's questions about Lou's brother's daughter's sister" - and yes, there is limited space in this subject box. Some people will not see all of your info in the subject box.

7. Not all people will see your message the way that you type it out. It may turn out to look like this
if you do not use your "enter"/"sentence break" key correctly.

8. If you go to a URL/computer address like this - and you want to get back to the "master" home page, then try shortening the URL to

9. URLs/computer addresses end with:
     .com = commercial enterprise
     .org = ?nonprofit organization
     .net = network - ???really means what???
     .us = ?government agency
     .gov = government agency

10. Apparently the best passwords are made taking a phrase, such as "The blue house ran over the cat", and then turning it into letters and numbers.... t4h3o3c - first letter of first word of phrase, then # of letters in 2nd word of phrase etc.

11. Ignore spam.

12. Be careful when replying to posts - make sure that your message will go to the right person or persons - make sure that your reply is not too long.

What else?

13. Be very careful about clicking on links that are sent to you via Email from people that you do not know. Apparently you can pick up viruses and strange things by doing this.

14. It takes a 56K modem to watch real time video over the Internet - a 28K modem is not sufficient presently (August 1999)

15. To do reasonably complete websearches, use, then, and then - also try and and and and

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by Peter Szerlag Feb 1999


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