Anybody Want Some FD Annual Reports?

I have some older Fire Department Annual Reports (and 2 NYC Medal Books) to get rid of.

1989 Escondido CA 1990 Hamilton ONT 90/91 Los Angeles City CA 1990 Riverside County CA 1990 Metro Dade FL 1990 Casper WY 1989 New York City 1990 San Bernardino County CA 1990 New York City NY 1990 NYC NY Medal Book 1988 Riverside County CA 89/90 San Francisco CA (Earthquake) 1992 San Bernardino County CA 1989 Palm Beach County FL 87/88 Los Angeles City CA 1989 Syracuse NY 1983 Indiannapolis IN 1988 San Bernardino County CA 1984 Riverside County CA 1990 Missoula RFD MT 1990 Orange County CA 1988 New York City NY 1988 NYC NY Medal Book 1990 Kern County CA FY90 San Diego CA 1990 Butte County CA 1988 Fairfax County VA 1987 Cleveland OH 1988 San Diego CA 84/85 Honolulu HI 1989 Baton Rouge LA 87/88 Portland OR 1989 Metro Dade FL 87/88 San Francisco CA 1988 Jacksonville FL 88/89 Dallas TX 1989 Clark County NV (County Government Report with FD section) 1988 Cincinnatti OH 1983 Minneapolis MN 82/83 Tampa FL 82/83 San Jose CA 1982 Philadelphia PA 1983 Philadelphia PA 1982 Kansas City MO 1983 Buffalo NY 1983 Columbus OH 1986 Buffalo NY 83/84 San Francisco CA FY84 Charlotte NC 1984 Buffalo NY FY82 Washington DC

FY = fiscal year

All reports are in "like new" condition (although the glue in the bindings may have deteriorated). Drop me a note at if you are interested in anything. Peter S

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