All Unite

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Picture of myself


Hey! My name is Kassandra Briceno and I am eighteen years old. I'm a recent high school graduate who is going to be continuing my education at Dixie State University this upcoming fall semester. I just wanted to welcome you to my website and give some background information regarding the purpose of it all. This website serves as a dual purpose as it can be viewed as a family webpage from the perspective of a relative or a place where a fellow peer could visit to learn more about me. In the navigation bar above you can see there are four other pages and you are currently in the home page. The 'About us' page introduces the members of my immediate family, while showcasing some of their interests. The 'Family Fun' page shares some of my favorite activities do in my hometown while sharing some fun stories. The 'Friends' page introduces my two best friends and stories on how we met. The 'Inspiration' page is filled with motivational quotes that have been shared to me by family/friends. All in all, feel free to dive on in and explore the website yourself and learn more about me! If you would like to comment, share feedback or have any questions, please contact me down below. I'm Looking forward to hearing about your experience with my website, "All Unite".