Website Idea - All Unite

Summary - I would like to create a website that serves a dual purpose as a family webpage and a place where a new friend could visit to learn more about me such as hobbies.

Content - It will consist of personal images of family, friends that I may already have or possibly some my friends/family have sent to me, in order to reinforce the idea of keeping it a 'family' webpage. The text could possibly consist of quotes from my family/friends and the font itself I have yet to figure out.

Competition - There is not many specific websites I could find to fit such specificiations but I will say that Instagram is quite similar because you can not create tabs where you seperate different pictures/videos all based on whatever content you choose to make it on so I will use them as an example of a competitor website. The first thing I like is that it gives users an option to seperate their content based on whatever they'd like. However, I don't like there is not more options where the user can add in more information about themselves, because all they have is a section called the 'bio' and there is only so much information that can be provided in that space. I will say the color scheme such as the background is quite basic and I'm not sure if I like it or not yet because although I would like my family webpage to be unique I also don't want it to consist of neon colors.

Purpose - Users should care about this because it offers a gateway to an individual to get to know more about my family and I, especially for long distant family members that aren't able to stay in contact often. It may also be a place to offer inspiration to others that are looking forward to building a family webpage of their own and that way it could also serve an inspiration for beginning users. Users should care about it because it's a great way to compile some of the best memories family/friends can share and look back on later on in life.

Desired Results - I would like user more specifically my friends and family or new friends to explore throughout the page and reminsice on the memories it may hold. It can be a way to look down 'memory lane'. I would like for it to also be useful to those family memebers that live far and aren't able to be present in those memories but continue to stay connected with the family one way or another. The overall goal being to bring a smile to someones face and remember the good old days.

Target Audience - I feel as though because it is a family webpabge the target audience will consist of my family members and given that I have a large family the range will consist of 16-50 year olds of both men and woman. I feel as though my aunts and younger cousins would be the ones to browse through it the most. They would be coming from Utah/California and would belong to middle class.