According to Kathleen Heide in her book, Young Killers (1999), "...many young killers growing up in the 1990s have little or nothing left to lose. These are the kids who are angry, frequently in pain, and too often unattached to other human beings due to experiences in their home and neighborhood envioronments."

If you are like me, you want to change the direction this country is headed, but you feel small and incapable of making a difference by yourself. I think that together we can make a difference. Parents and mentors hold the key.

Please fill out my survey below, attaching your comments and suggestions. Then visit the links for more information.

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2) What would you be willing to do to help restore our families?

Speak to groups of women or parents
Mail out information
Petition the government to lower taxes for families with stay-at-home moms
Write letters to television networks in my area
Make changes in my home

3) Do you have a message for the kids?

4)Your opinion or ideas on how to stop the violence:

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