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Well its time for me to put the power steering pump and mounting hardware back on. When installing the brackets you will notice there will be two bolts that no longer will be used. These are the mounting bolts that went into the old intake manifold. On the new system these bolt holes dont exist. After mounting the power steering pump into its original position the mounts seemed to be plenty strong enough. I put the fan belt back on and set the alternator adjustments to tighten the belt.
To conclude the finishing touch's I went ahead and assembled the new air filter setup and placed it ontop of the throttle body. This is a pretty trick little system. It doesnt come with a K&N filter but a Mopar Look a like, Still really nice though. After mounting the air filter assembly I finished the vacuum hoses and breather hoses that go inside the air filter tube.

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The last couple hardware parts in the kit included mounting the Speed sensor which goes infront of the factory speedo-cable already existing in your Jeep. It just simply bolted right on (very self explanatory). I noticed it had a plug outlet on the side of the sensor, Later the wiring harness will be plugged in here. After that was complete I went ahead and mounted the very sensitive, fragile, and expensive 02 sensor. Becarefull installing these sensor's, at 50 bucks each you dont wont to accidentally break on of these. I waited to install it last so ensure it wasnt bumped and broken. The kit also comes with a new throttle cable and throttle valve (TV) cable for use automatic owners. Remember to specify five speed or automatic when ordering your kit, theres a difference. To conclude the installation process the kit came with the ever so important to use California residents, and thats the smog decals. See pictures below.

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The final installation is installing the wiring loom (harness). I thought this was going to be hard after taking just one look at the harness. There were wires going in all different directions. After reading the instructions I went ahead and started by laying the fuel injection rail in its proper location. This snapped right in place in about 2 sec. Then went ahead and plugged each fuel injector into the harness. This was easy since Mopar took the liberty of marking each wire set. EXAMPLE "INJECTOR #1". This made plugging in the injectors a breeze. Next I followed my way down the harness plugging in the necessary sensors as I went. This was so simple it was pathetic. After installing the wires in the engine compartment there was a sperate loom that lead back to the Speed sensor on the transfercase and two wires going back to the fuel pump of course marked "Fuel pump". Walla! I then went ahead and plugged the new harness into the new computer system and tightened the fastner bolt. Then it was simply making the wires look neat with some zip ties.

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The Power increase was substantial. The MPI kit is suppost to give your average 258ci. an additional 60hp. Thats right 60hp! A stock 4.2L 258ci Wrangler or CJ engine from the factory was equipped with 120-125hp from what Ive researched. The MPI kit will give your 4.2L a wopping 180-185hp, which is equal to similiar designed 4.0L engines. Im sure alot of you people reading this article have thought the same thoughts I had.

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1. Why not just replace your entire 4.2L engine with a new 4.0L engine from a 91' and newer Jeep? The reason I did'nt just junk my motor and swap in a 4.0L is because the following reasons. The 4.2L has much more torque and low range power over the 4.0L, anyone who has a 4.2L has most likely experienced the 4.2L loosing alot of power after around 3000 RPM. In a Jeep with a 4.0L the power really kicks in around 2500-3000 RPM, but has less torque and power in the lower RPM ranges. So why is it better to have a 4.2L with a MPI over a 4.0L? By still obtaining your 4.2L you keep your low end torque but by adding a MPI fuel injection you obtain the upper end horsepower that the 4.0L has. This results in the best of both world giving your a strong running, no stalling, better gas mileage Engine!

2. What are the gas mileage gains? Well from taking notes about other peoples experiences and combining them with mine. The average gain is from 10-12mpg. to 16-18mpg. That alone convinced me with the prices of gasoline today.


The Mopar kit gets a definite two thumbs up. Below is a chart I made describing the power increases I obtained from the two major 4.2L engine modifications I've recently made. The power increase is so drastic it feels like im driving a V-8. If your tired of your carb-ed 4.2L and you feel its time to improve your capabilites contact Koller Dodge and ask about there MPI kit for Jeeps.





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