On-Board Air Setup
Project Completed November 1999

There are several advantages in having a On-Board air compressor. especially a belt driven compressor such as a OEM or York style comp. The reason for my On-Board Air is mainly for filling tires and running air tools which it does both very powerfully. I can fill a 35"x12.5" tire from approx. 13psi to 33psi in about  30 sec. to 1 minute. I've added several new conviences to my Air setup. and the one i use the most is the Quick Disconnect coupler and air guage I mounted on the Front Bumper, for easy access. (New Pictures Coming Soon) Below is a quick layout of a typical On-Board air setup. If your seriously considering doing this I highly suggest that you use a stock OEM comp. so you dont have to make custom mounting brackets as i did. trust me there not that easy make. Also i forgot to note this but you'll need to add a Tool Oiler before the compressor and a Oil Seperator right after the output of the compressor if your using an OEM compressor. York style compressor have a internal oil reservoir which keeps them lubed up. but the OEM units needs some oil ever now and again to prevent seizing. If you have any question or concerns feel free to E-mail me and i'll be happy to answer any questions.

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Pictures Coming Soon!!

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