Carlsbad Caverns

Map of Carlsbad Caverns

I'll admit Carlsbad Caverns isn't even in Texas, but if you are ever in El Paso or southern New Mexico it is well worth the drive to get there! From El Paso it's about a two hour trip....well, I'd better say it's about 165 miles from El Paso. How long it takes depends on you  '-)

If you've been to Carlsbad Caverns, you might remember there are three tours you can take--Natural Entrance (self-guided), King's Palace and the Big Room. I was going to organize the pictures by tour, but after I started working on this I realized that would put too many thumbnails on a page. I split it up by room so it's a little faster to load. It's interesting to see the differences in formations from one room to the next.

Hopefully I got the right caption with each photo...since I was busy writing, taking pictures, admiring everything, and trying to keep from falling and breakin' my neck all at the same time  :-)

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