I fell in love with computers a long time ago--way back in the days of the old Trash-80's and Commodore's C-64 (a great little machine). I think it's because a computer (unlike most people I know) will do exactly what I tell it to do if I ask nicely and in the right language. I've been a certified computer nerd ever since, getting my B.S. in Computer Science from Park College and then an M.A. in Computer Resources and Information Management from Webster University.

I stumbled across GeoCities in September '97 and thought it might be fun to make my own web page....and I've been playing with it ever since. I didn't have a clue what I was doing or what HTML was, but I quickly found Geo's Help Chat and a few online tutorials.

In December '97 I became a Heartland Community Leader so I could help others with their home pages. Although I left the CL program in '98, I found I couldn't stay away and rejoined the CL program  *s*   It's something I would recommend to any Geo homesteader who wants to help others. Working with CLs from around the world, helping others, learning something new, being challenged....that is what makes being a CL rewarding!

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