Heartland Graphics
Well-made graphics free for your use in Heartland! They have themed graphics (geneology, children, etc), as well as graphics for Heartland Hallmarks and other Heartland programs. All my (former) Featured Page graphics and most of my holiday backgrounds come from here.

I got some of my graphics here...but they've since discontinued their graphics archive!

I grabbed some midi's here. I also got quite a few from Laura's MIDI Heaven and Norma's Midi Site. All the Ozzy tunes came from my buddy Ozzman  :o)  Check out his site if you're an Ozzy fan!

My backgrounds started with an image I got from Disney Clipart.

I have tried to properly credit my sources. Please note that some credits (such as Java-scripts) are found within the source files. However, if you find something that truly belongs to you for which I did not give credit, let me know. I will do my best to correct it!

Copyright 1997-2001  Charlene C. Schaar
All rights reserved.

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