So you want javascript?

Before I turn you loose on the scripts, there's a few things you ought to know....

Feel free to use any of the scripts that you find here, but please leave in the credits. Thanks!

All of the scripts you'll find here work! If you take it and change it to suit your needs that's fine--just remember that if you break it, you fix it  :-)

Several of the javascripts use both the quote mark (") and apostrophe (') in the same line....normally within a document.write line. Be sure to maintain the pairing of each type of mark or odds are that you'll break the script!

For each javascript the source is available on-screen. I've also included a sample HTML file that shows you where the javascript should be inserted within your HTML file for it to work properly (though it may work elsewhere depending on the script). You can either copy and paste it into your own HTML file or you can click on the grab this script link to download a zipped file containing both the javascript and sample usage to your computer.

I highly recommend downloading the zip and using the source from there! Why?? Due to different monitor sizes and screen resolutions, if you cut and paste it directly from my site you may end up with line breaks where there really shouldn't be any--and this may cause the script to not work properly! If you copy it from your editor, the line-wrap feature should keep the lines intact.

Alright....take me to the scripts!

Copyright 1997-2001  Charlene C. Schaar
All rights reserved.

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