Many people only know what their Sun Sign is (scorpio, leo, etc). But, you actually have 11 signs that represent you. One for the sun, the moon, and each planet, except for Earth. And your Rising Sign (or Ascendant) which was rising on the horizon when you were born.

Each sign gives you certain characteristics depending on where they are located at in your horoscope.

The exact moment you were born the signs were in certain positions. In a Horoscope these positions are called houses and each represent a part of your life. There are 12 of these.

These things make you very different from everyone else. This is also why you aren't like any other people with the same Sun Sign as you.

Learn a little more about yourself from each of my pages. I hope you enjoy :)

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The Signs page brings you information on each of the zodiac signs.

The Houses page gives a description of each of the 12 houses.

The Planets page will tell you about each planet.

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