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Ok, laying the smack down in here, I'm any # of people, usually Sosima, formerly platinum...but to the law I'm Casey...& I'm ever observant(& opinionated). I like..Bradbury, Prodigy, Sealpoint Siamese, the Simpsons, Jello Biafra, Audioslave & Axis of Justice, theology, the Beatles, abstract art, Photography, Dexter's Lab, art & architecture, Nick at Nite, Sade, Jim Cramer (MAD MONEY!!), OutKast, Hitchcock, DIY, Beasties, anarchy(no violence, just self-governing), backgammon, Sublime, Speed Racer, EL-P, King of the Hill, Radiohead, alot of punk, Gorillaz, dominoes, Parliament, Q-tip, skateboarding, Carl Sagan, DJ Shadow, Jive, Juxtapoz, Japan,Omni,, Aldous Huxley, Kurt Vonnegut Jr, Monty Python, Mary J, slapstick comedy, oceans,the Onion, Planned Parenthood, NERD, Muay Thai fighting, eastern philosophy..esp. the wise & modest Dalai Lama, Yoga, pandas!, Will & Grace, HedPe, Dada & Surrealism, Cypress Hill, Scoobs, all sciences, Mos Def, Blackstar, Dr. Pepper, Mary Roach, vegetarians & vegans, David Foley & the Kids in the Hall, Slick Rick, Wonder Showzen, Space Ghost, System of a Down, the 60's, 70's, & the 20's; Missy & Timbaland, Subaru's, Nag Champa, Saul Williams, silver & platinum, Texas Hold Em, Cibo Matto(wasabi?), astronomy, Sneaker Pimps, beatniks & punks, Bukowski, Kerouac, Ginsburg, Burroughs, System of a down, the Animals, Balkan Beat Box, Matisyahu, SO CALLED, Jedi Mind Tricks, neopets!-check it; Motown & Disco, VW & BMW, Reggae, alot of old school-RUN DMC, Tribe Called Quest, urban exploration(urbex), Cannibal Ox, Def Jam, Peanut Butter Wolf, Courage the Cowardly Dog, mob movies, SkylineG34, the Fair Lady Z, 240's/SilviaS14 or 15 & the G35...(really all Nissans are noticeably aesthetic), Ani Difranco, Alix Olson, mysteries, kung-fu, Wings(w/ Sir Paul), Chappelle's Show, Mark Ryden, Rancid...some heavy stuff-but don't come at me with an 80's throwback or anything too commercial..& if you like the above, you're someone I'd like to know. Now for my dislikes, ok-(of course)hypocrisy & prejudice, Gothic Anything, hard liquor, mullets, country decor & music, Bill Mahr, Bill O'Reilly, boy/girl bands, snow & ice, "classic rock"-'cooter bands', leather & lace-together, Capitalism, Starbucks, censorship, indecision, confusion, emo(seriously, wtf?), unbelievable bleach blondes, tension & drama,'fundies', black eyeliner, tight perms & pants; Mountain Dew, arrogance, vanity, bugs, tractors, hicks, football & basketball, disney, reality shows, fake nails, big trucks, SUV's, Antidepressants & anti-anxiety drugs, traditional(everything), Sanchos/as, pop music, lycra, ankle bracelets, gold, animal print, fur, animal testing, animal abuse & neglect, animal depreciation, animal consumption(dammit!), , stripper heels(strippers ok tho), big hair or excessively long hair, face paint, fishing, day runners, trains, factory farming, Grease, pecans & cashews, war, government, & opressors-last & most definitely least-George Dubya-lol check out this game!

Bitch of the Month: is a bitch I've been needing to address. Emo kids..I really don't get it, maybe this makes me old. To me Emo is an excuse for guys to wear tight pants & makeup, & what the hell is w/ straight dyed black hair plastered to one side of your head? It seems like a heroin chic spinoff, only w/ more face jewelry. I think Emo gets confused w/ other things because not only is it a musical style, but a personal style-like grunge-but not quite. The music is brooding, a clear punk rip off, almost like the musicians wanted to be angry, but were too depressed/surpressed, or maybe just hungry. I think that's the lamest thing..all these kids running around thinking they have it so bad & thier lives suck ass, but every generation is more coddled than the last, and they still complain. Guess I'm just old-so what-at least I'm not Emo.

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